A high-end, custom bike made with sustainability and local production in mind.

Created in a collaboration between French design studios NoDesign and Services Généraux, Batspad / En Route is a high-end electric bike custom made to blend the highest handmade quality with cutting-edge technology and innovation. The two design firms produced the elegant and minimalist bike for the Bicyclette(s) exhibition at Cité du Design in Saint-Etienne. The build illustrates the exhibition theme, “Making Bikes”, with a strong focus on local production and sustainability. The top-of-the-range bike is both lightweight and comfortable to ride, whether on urban commutes or longer trips outside the city.

Versatile and convenient, Batspad / En Route weighs less than 13kg and comes with a Mahle Ebikemotion X35 electric drivetrain, rear wheel motor, and an integrated 250W battery to provide assistance when needed. The bespoke design makes the bike feel like a non-electric bicycle in both appearance and riding feel. Agile and light, it ensures smooth assistance and easy pedaling as well as no vibrations. The two studios prioritized local manufacturing. Mainly produced in Europe, the bike has a lower carbon footprint.

State-of-the-art components for an excellent build quality.

Made-to-measure in France, the frame features aerospace-quality steel tubing. Ultra-thin but rigid, the steel tubes give the bike its light and sturdy feel along with its durability. Additionally, carefully selected parts from European and French manufacturers ensure the high-end quality of Batspad / En Route. For example, the bike comes with Hope brakes made in the United Kingdom; an Ingrid drivetrain, machined and assembled in Italy; and with Mavic aluminum rims, an Aivee wheel hub and Mach1 spokes made in France. One exception are the shifters, which the teams had to source from American brand SRAM to ensure mechanical compatibility.

Other features include Hutchinson Overide 35 mm tires, a Salsa Cowbell handlebar, and a custom stem created by NoDesign. Love the minimalist good looks of the Batspad / En Route bike? You can sign up on a waiting list to receive notifications about availability on the NoDesign website. Photographs © NoDesign and Services Généraux.

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