Standing desks have been popular for several years now, and with good reason. They provide a series of benefits compared to normal desks and come in a variety of configurations, including corner desk models made of materials like particle board. An adjustable height standing desk with programmable height and anti-collision features offers a convenient solution to work while standing up. These desks feature simple mechanisms to raise and lower the height of the work area, ensuring you have the right posture and memory presets for your preferred positions. From reducing back and neck pressure to improving blood circulation, the best standing desks can make any home office more comfortable and healthy, similarly to ergonomic office chairs. We’ve put together a list of practical and stylish height adjustable standing desk designs, available in both white frame and other color options, so you can find your favorite. Before we go through the selection, let’s delve into the world of standing desks and how they can help you create the perfect workspace.

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What are the benefits of standing desks?

As several studies have shown, standing desks have a range of benefits. They improve your posture and thus help to reduce both neck and back pain. In addition, they help you burn calories, as standing burns around 80 calories per hour than sitting. Standing also helps to improve circulation, and can even give you an energy boost and uplift your spirits. Other benefits include focus improvement and the optimization of the wrist position. Different desktop sizes also provide a range of options for home or corporate offices, whether used with one or a dual monitor setup. Specialized standing desk companies like Vivo or FlexiSpot provide a wide range of designs.

Is the standing desk good for your back?

An ergonomic desk can help to improve back pain, but by how much depends on the severity of the problem. What’s widely accepted, though, is that sitting at an office desk for prolong periods of time can put a lot of strain on both the back and the neck. A sit-stand desk or a stand workstation are a perfect choice for those looking to reduce pressure on their back. It’s also important to set up the desk at the appropriate height and to take regular breaks while working.

Is an adjustable standing desk worth it?

An adjustable desk can improve your well-being, increase your focus, and thus your productivity. These desks also help to improve your posture and reduce back and neck pain. They can even reduce fatigue and create a more dynamic work environment focused on accessibility. So if you take all of these benefits together, a standing desk is worth it. It’s important to note that these desks can also cause knee pain if used for prolonged periods of time without breaks. A specially designed mat can help reduce the strain on the knees. Additionally, a sit-stand desk provides a convenient solution to switch from a standing to a sitting position when needed.

Do chiropractors recommend standing desks?

While many chiropractors recommend standing desks, they also draw attention to the fact that even a standing desk can engage the back muscles and add pressure on the spine if used for long periods of time without moving. So what’s their advice? Either use a flexible workstation that allows you to switch between sitting and standing positions, or use a standing desk but take care to avoid standing in one fixed position for too long.

Is the motorized standing desk worth it?

Like many automatic and motorized products, whether it’s an electric coffee been grinder or an electric bike, an electric height adjustable standing desk can significantly improve the quality of your life. And that’s simply because it makes working easier and can uplift your mood. With the simple push of a button, you can adjust the height of the desk and choose the perfect position that allows comfortable working while standing. FlexiSpot, Steelcase, and other companies offer a range of motorized desks. These desks come with single or dual motor designs.

What is the best height for standing desk?

The best height for a standing desk depends on the height of the user. As a general rule, you should make sure that you can comfortably rest your bent arms (at a 90-degree angle) on the desk and that you can easily type on the keyboard, reach the keyboard tray or move the mouse without straining your wrists. The computer desk monitor height also matters – your eyes should be at the same level with the upper third of the monitor. This applies to classic monitors and to laptop desk designs.

How do you raise and lower the desk?

The height adjustment system varies from model to model. For example, some standing desks have manual operating systems and others are electric. Even with manual designs, the adjustment systems vary. Some desks have a hand crank while others have two handles which you need to press to lower or raise the height of the desk. For automatic systems, you only need to use the control unit and press the up or down button. Some electric standing desks also come with LED displays.

Where can I buy a standing desk?

Like all office furniture, you can buy a standing desk either from brick and mortar stores or online, from Best Buy, Target, Office Depot, FlexiSpot, Vivo, or Staples. There are also companies that specialize in home office furniture and design-led brands that collaborate with award-winning designers to create gorgeous and practical standing desks. Some desks feature solid wood or glass tops while others have a metal build. Integrated features can range from drawers and hooks for accessories to wireless charging.

Is there a portable standing desk?

Yes, there are portable standing desks. They are usually more compact and designed to fold with ease to allow easy transportation. Since they have simpler designs and a lightweight build with only the essentials, these desks are often significantly more affordable than their stationary counterparts. A standing desk converter and a desk riser can also add extra height to an existing desk, with an adjustable element providing a convenient solution to work while standing.

What is the difference between a standing desk and a normal desk?

Like the name suggests, a standing desk allows the user to work while standing. Height adjustable systems provide an easy solution to raise or lower the height of the desk to suit each individual. Designs vary and range from ultra-simple workstations to desks with digital displays and electric controls. Often made from solid wood, a normal desk has a fixed position and can’t be adjusted in height, unless you want to place it on a platform. Depending on design, a standing desk converter which you can find at various stores, including FlexiSpot and Office Depot, can transform a normal desk into a more flexible workspace.

What is the best standing desk desk?

The best standing desk is the one that perfectly suits your own needs. Everyone is different and everyone works differently. For example, maybe you love minimalist designs that only focus on essentials: a spacious work surface and a simple height adjusting mechanism. Maybe you love the ease of use brought by technology and prefer an electric standing desk. Or maybe you want a desk with integrated storage, cable management systems, and other accessories.

Best adjustable standing desk

Autonomous SmartDesk Pro

Best bang for your buck.

Years of R&D in the making, the SmartDesk Pro from Autonomous is our pick for the best standing desk. Every feature is optimized for comfort and convenience. For example, the desk has an impressive height range of up to 52’’ and an extra-wide tabletop that provides room for two monitors, speakers, a laptop, and more. The upgraded electric dual motor operates quietly and can lift up to 310 lbs with ease. 4 programmable settings allow the user to go from a sitting position to their preferred standing desk height with one push of a button. This standing desk is also made to last. It features a solid steel frame and natural wood tops with white or classic finishes. Finally, Autonomous SmartDesk Pro is certified by UL, BIFMA, and EMC for strength, durability and safety.

Buy $599

steelcase sit stand desk

Steelcase Migration SE Sit-to-Stand Desk

Best sit-to-stand desk.

Made by Steelcase, the Migration SE Sit-to-Stand Desk offers a versatile solution to create a comfortable office at home. The value-driven design combines a height adjustable desk with quality materials and a range of finishes that allow customization. The desk comes in two heights and with either square or rounded corners. All versions come with an Obstruction Sensing Technology that backtracks when an object makes contact with the work area. The included digital controller has a simple up/down option, but users can also get the optional controller with 4 preset heights. Finally, a high-pressure laminate tabletop in white or a range of wood patterns provides durability and protection against daily wear and tear. Designed to last, this desk comes with a 12-year warranty.

Buy $999

The Best Height Adjustable Standing Desk for A Home Office

Haworth Upside Sit-to-Stand Desk

Best sustainable design.

Like other stand up desk designs from our list, the Upside Sit-to-Stand Desk is made with convenience in mind. This workspace, however, is also manufactured according to sustainability principles. Made with more than 90% recyclable materials, this desk is also Greenguard Gold® Certified, meaning that is free of harmful chemicals, and it comes with a BIFMA® Level 3 Certified as it meets strict environmental standards. Upside features a simple paddle control that allows the user to easily switch between sitting and standing positions. The desk moves up and down smoothly to keep items securely in place on the table top. Telescoping leg columns with a C-shape design combine with a sturdy frame to provide support for up to 250 lbs.

Buy $799

Branch Standing Desk

Best ergonomic design.

New York-based brand Branch makes sustainable furniture for home workspaces. Their standing desk has a design that optimizes function and comfort while providing a range of practical features. Made with ergonomic support, the desk enhances both comfort and productivity throughout the work day. Exceptionally stable, this product has a sturdy build with three-stage columns and leveling feet, offering a lift weight capacity of 275 pounds. The top is impact-resistant MDF that is durable as well as easy to clean. The dual motor is quiet and smooth, while the centimeter-level adjustment system allows the user to find the perfect height for their needs. This desk also comes with a brushed grommet that allows for easy cable routing and cable management. Finally, the company also offers an optional in-desk power system.

Buy $699

Vari Essential Electric Standing Desk

Best for smaller spaces.

A budget-friendly electric standing desk, this design from Vari fits even in compact rooms with ease thanks to a slender frame and a 24’’ wide top. Designed with a split-top, the desk features user-friendly controls underneath the work area made from high-quality laminate. The user can program 4 presets and access the controls via a convenient LCD display. Wide T-style legs provide extra stability while the quiet motor ensures a smooth, two-stage lifting operation with a height range between 27.5’’ to 47.2’’. With this desk, Vari also includes a drink coaster and cable wraps for easy cable management.

Buy $699

Kowo Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk with Drawer

Best for a dual monitor setup.

Specially designed for home offices, the KOWO Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk has a spacious tabletop that allows the use of two monitors and a laptop at a time. Both practical and elegant, the desk features rounded corners and a laminate-style top with a white-painted steel frame. Memory controller buttons provide an easy way to program three different desk heights, while a smooth height adjusting mechanism raises and lowers the desk quietly. This desk is perfect to uplift the mood of a workspace, as it features convenient integrated wireless charging. This way, the work area remains free of cables and clutter. Additionally, a drawer with different compartments offers plenty of room to store and organize desk accessories.

Buy $399

Fezibo Crank Standing Desk

Best standing desk under $200

Compact and minimalist, the Fezibo Crank Standing Desk is our choice for the best standing desks under $200. The design combines a manual crank operation system with a slender wooden top and durable frame and legs. To raise the stand up desk, the user only needs to manually turn the crank. More environmentally friendly, this adjustable height standing desk doesn’t have a motor drive and it’s perfect for DIY lovers and those who enjoy manual tasks. Made from iron, the standing desk frame and legs are sturdy and reliable, giving the desk a weight capacity of 176 pounds and ensuring a smooth lifting operation. This desk comes with different top and frame colors, casters, rounded tabletop corners, an anti-slip mat, and a set of 2 desk hooks for accessories, headphones, bags, and other items. Other desk options and accessories include monitor arms to position the screen safely, a rolling file cabinet, a 5-in-1 power strip, shelving, and more.

Buy $189

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