Blending analog and modern cues, this mid century modern alarm clock is specially designed to wake you up gently.

The ritual of waking up in the morning with an alarm is universal. However, finding an alarm clock that wakes you up the right way is surprisingly difficult. Which is where San Francisco-based Nanu comes in. After creating the innovative Nudge counter that encourages the user to keep track of the things that really matter, the four-person team behind Nanu used their 22 years of combined experience in product design to make a mid century modern alarm clock focused on the user’s well-being. Arc has an analog spirit and modern features to encourage healthier sleeping and waking up routines.

The modern nightstand clock seamlessly replaces a smartphone while removing any unnecessary apps, features, or notifications. Intuitive and innovative, Arc is easy to use as well as convenient. It’s also beautifully designed with a rounded body that gives a nod to mid-century modern design and to vintage clocks. Nanu believes that smartphones have no place in the bedroom, and Arc is their alternative to a smartphone alarm.

A healthier alternative to a smartphone.

Unlike smartphones, this mid century modern alarm clock doesn’t emit blue light, which disrupts the circadian rhythm and keeps the brain alert. It also doesn’t allow you to check email or social media. Instead, it helps to create a more peaceful environment that optimizes the user’s well-being. For example, the analog clock face is minimal and easy to read from a distance. The dial displays the current time as well as the alarm time. On the front, a large dial provides a convenient way to set the alarm, down to the minute. The user can easily set the brightness with the press of a finger or even turn off the backlight and display completely. Likewise, the volume is easy to adjust with a cast metal dial on the back. As for the chime, it gradually builds up in intensity to wake you up gently.

Made to last, Arc features a heavy-weight cast zinc, aluminum alloy, and mineral glass build. This modern nightstand clock has USB-C ports and an integrated backup battery. Nanu has developed the alarm clock with sustainability and repairability in mind. Additionally, the company provides a 10-year warranty for the clock. Like with their first product, Nudge, Nanu has launched Arc through Kickstarter. Unsurprisingly, the campaign has already surpassed the initial goal, with more than 50 days still remaining at the time of writing. You can become a backer until April 23 2023 to get the Arc alarm clock at a reduced price, in Classic Black or Pearl White. Alternatively, you can join the wait list on the brand’s website. Images courtesy of Nanu.

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