The best views of the solar eclipse 2020 also come with the travel experience of a lifetime.

Organized by Black Tomato, the solar eclipse 2020 camp site in Argentina offers travel fans the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best views of the event on the 14th of December and to create some beautiful memories. The ideal adventure for celestial tourists, this glamping retreat also introduces travelers to the spectacular beauty of Patagonia. That’s because the place with the perfect views, or the “G eclipse point”, is in the area surrounding the village of Piedra del Aguila, Argentina.

Named Tres Rios Lodge, the retreat will welcome guests into eco-friendly tents at the foot of the Andes. The gorgeous landscape features pine forests and rolling hills as well as crystal blue lakes and rivers. Set in an area with dense trees in the Collon Cura Valley, the camp allows travelers to immerse themselves into a pristine landscape which includes vies of the 12,000ft Lanin Volcano. From there, they will travel to the village across the Limay river for the solar eclipse 2020 viewing event.

The site, on a stony summit, offers the best views. Apart from the remote location without major human settlements, the area has the optimal humidity and low light pollution to guarantee a clear view. The event lasts from 11.45 to 2.35 in the afternoon, with the full eclipse lasting just over two minutes. Travelers will have access to eclipse glasses and telescopes to see the solar eclipse 2020 in all its glory. After the celestial show, they will have their pick of fun activities to choose from; whether it’s hiking, fishing, Argentinian BBQs, or savoring a glass of wine by the camp fire. The glamping Blink tents and the spa facilities will offer ultimate comfort. Black Tomato will also bring a private chef and a mixologist to take the experience to fine dining territory. Photographs© Black Tomato.

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