The BMW Concept iX3

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The automotive giant’s first all-electric X model.

Recently presented at the Auto China 2018 show in Beijing, the new BMW Concept iX3 Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) signals the beginning of a new era. The electric-powered car features a range of innovative technology as well as a subtly futuristic style. The gorgeous design brings together sleek details and distinctive accents, including a closed double kidney grille. A real head-turner, the new BMW Concept iX3 has an aerodynamic design and a Moonstone Silver matte paint finish with stylish blue accents on the grille and rear. The BMW i logos on the front and on the side skirts add the perfect finishing touch to the exterior, along with the light alloy wheels.

Apart from its good-looks, the car features the fifth-generation eDrive technology. A groundbreaking system that brings together the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission. This compact, specially designed set-up delivers over 200kW/270hp. Powerful and ultra-efficient, the new battery delivers over 70 kWh, for an impressive range of more than 249 miles. And thanks to the innovative Charging Control Unit coupled with modern fast-charging stations, the BMW Concept iX3 can go from dry to fully charged in only 30 minutes.

To make things even more efficient, the company doesn’t use any rare earths for the electric motor. Which means that future production will not be affected by their availability. The car also comes with a specially developed rear axle subframe and custom chassis integration. Of course, the iX3 never compromises on comfort and function. It provides smooth, superior handling and superior performance while also offering a locally emission-free drive system. It’s the ultimate Sports Activity Vehicle, with a refined design that perfectly complements its green features. Photographs© BMW.

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