A refined take on the archetypal desk lamp.

Designed by award-winning multidisciplinary studio Regular Company for Copenhagen-based brand Frama, T-Lamp is as elegant as it is ingenious. The lamp has a simple shape inspired by basic geometric forms, but it reinterprets the clean lines and easily recognizable shapes in an imposing, oversized silhouette. This design also aims to offer a refined twist on the archetypal table lamp.

Like its name conveys, this desk lamp has a T-shaped form. A hefty cylinder supports a curved shade that stands on top of the LED light, parallel to the table. However, the T-Lamp is more than just a stylish lighting solution for a home office, living room, or bedroom. It features a hidden tilting mechanism that allows the user to adjust the shade and thus cast the light at different angles. Plus, the lamp comes with an integrated dimmer; this makes it easy to find the perfect light intensity to suit one’s needs. Whether used as a desk lamp for a workspace or as a lamp that creates a cozy mood in a living room, the versatile design is easy to bring into any space.

Frama produces the lamp in three versions, each enhancing the minimal design in different ways. For example, the brass version gives a warm look to the lamp; the material will also develop a patina over time. The steel option with a brushed finish adds an industrial vibe. Finally, the white powder-coated steel lamp highlights the design’s minimalist aesthetic. Photographs© Frama, Marija Gasparovic, Igor Dugandzic.

Frama T-Lamp

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