The Bridge Vase Collection

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A sculptural and minimalist vase series made of metal tubes.

Italian designer Mario Alessiani creates products with a simple design and no superfluous details. His work aims to provide a new take on the “form follows function” concept. Instead, the designer proposes a marriage between form and function; a perfect balance between simplicity and purpose. Similarly to one of his previous projects, the Bridge series features minimalist shapes. However, this collection has a more sculptural aesthetic that transforms the vases into eye-catching decorative objects. Created for XLBoom, the Bridge vase collection features folded metal tubes with two holders on each side.

The arched metal silhouettes have an architectural character while providing an easy way to carry the vases from one place to another. Crafted from stainless steel, the vases feature a black finish. Glass jars inside the holders offer an easy solution to fill the vases with water and use them for flowers or greenery. At the same time, the versatile design allows different types of applications, from storing other items or accessories to using the curved metal objects as sculptural bookends that double as vases. Available now on the XLBoom site, the Bridge vase collection comes in three sizes. Photographs© Marco Di Marcantonio, Chiara Martini. Images courtesy of Mario Alessiani.

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