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Early Riser Coffee

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A fishing related coffee company with a creative brand identity that brings a fresh twist to the artisan coffee industry.

Established by fishing expert and lifelong fishing guide Kim Bryant, Early Riser Coffee is a Vermont-based coffee brand that offers a fresh twist on artisan coffee. The fishing-related company provides ethically sourced and hand roasted coffee in small batches. After years of research and mastering the art of roasting beans to perfection, the brand’s selection features blends that will delight the most discerning coffee lovers. Early Riser Coffee also focuses on conservation and sustainability. Apart from reducing the plastic packaging as much as possible, the company has also partnered with Trout Unlimited. Moreover, it donates $1 per bag to support the angling community and to promote sustainable and responsible fishing practices.

Keeping all this in mind, it’s no surprise that the Early Riser Coffee branding and packaging offers something different. Completed by Aaron Ricchio, designer and Senior Art Director at Ogilvy, the company’s identity and branding is a breath of fresh air in a crowded industry. Safe to say, this is artisan coffee with a creative twist. The design explores the concept of waking up early – but from a playful perspective. The packaging displays colored bars that represent the horizon scrutinized by anglers who search for signs of fish.

Each pack boasts different color palettes. Double Haul features purple and pink, Morning Mend orange and yellow, while Strip Set Cold Brew boasts blue hues. Finally, the images capture the thrill and excitement of spending time outdoors pursuing one’s passion, whether it’s fishing at the crack of dawn or hiking to catch the sunrise on a mountain peak at the top of the world. Photographs© Early Riser Coffee.

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