Brucke 49, A Reinvention of Traditional Bed & Breakfast

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Brücke 49 represents a new concept for luxurious high-mountain short stays. It is a re-invention and revitalization of the traditional bed & breakfast combined with the best in high quality design, modern travel culture and the originality of the small mountain village of Vals, Switzerland.

Brücke 49 is a place of freedom to do what you do at home. Cook in a wonderful kitchen with the best ingredients the local farmers can offer. Read books or new international magazines. Sip a beer in the elevated garden while enjoying the sunshine in your face and the view over the village. Make a BBQ. Mingle with the 5 or 6 other “friends” in the house. Or just take an extra nap on the nicely made beds.

Brücke 49 is a big house with only 4 rooms for maximum 10 people. Each room has it own history and personality which is made out of presents a eclectic mix of what the old house was like when it was build in 1902 combined with a few suitable handmade design items or pieces of artwork. It is not fancy just very personal and with a lot of effort in choosing elements that will give its guests a well deserved cozy feeling.

This dream place is owned, designed and managed by Ruth Kramer and Thomas Schacht. A Swiss-Danish couple that decided to give up their solid jobs as designer and business developer in Denmark and after more than 25 years in that line of business start the “2nd half” of their lifetime in the Alps of Vals. Both having traveled the World for many years professionally advising companies of how to design products and build brands Ruth and Thomas used their skills to make Brücke 49 an extraordinary experience  for the modern traveler. They have surely accomplished just that!

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