Timeless Italian style and the finest Merino wool come together in a sustainable sweater collection.

Finding a high-quality wool sweater made in Italy is an easy task. After all, the country has a long tradition of crafting premium quality wool apparel that lasts and looks great at the same time. However, if you’re looking for a sustainable sweater that is effortlessly cool and will be a part of your wardrobe for a lifetime, you’ll need to pick the right brand. Like Carema, a company that values responsible manufacturing practices as much as it celebrates the unmistakable design and quality of a “made in Italy” product. The brand’s collection provides the perfect solution to look dapper on and off skiing slopes.

Based in Northern Italy, Carema sources single-origin Merino wool from the Von Bibra family and their century-old ranch in Tasmania. Longer and finer, these Merino fibers also provide unparalleled performance and comfort. To make their sustainable sweater collection, Carema has partnered with one of the oldest mills in Biella, Italy. The processed Merino yarns then transform into finely knitted sweaters and accessories that last a lifetime.

In the Carema collection, the Lupetto (“little wolf”) sweater has caught our eye. This sweater made in Italy offers the perfect combination of elegance and quality. An ideal choice for those who love skiing with flair or keeping warm while never sacrificing style. Like other items from Carema’s collection, Lupetto features 100% superfine Tasmanian Merino wool. This sweater has 17.5 micron fibers, 3/60s combed yarns, and a ½ shaker stitch. The raglan sleeve enhances comfort, while the polished texture gives the wool a lustrous look. Lupetto comes in several color options: Orange, Loden, White, Navy, Rose, Cumin, Brown, and Light Gray. Apart from the Lupetto sweater, the collection also includes the Downhill sustainable sweater, and accessories that range from wool hats and scarves to socks. Photographs© Carema.

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