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An art gallery housed within the walls of a 19th-century palace in Rome.

Located in the Esquilino district of Rome, a palace built in the late 19th-century is now the new home of a contemporary art gallery. Founded by architect and historical design and applied arts curator Giorgia Cerulli, and artistic director and contemporary art curator Giacomo Guidi, Contemporary Cluster is both an art gallery and cultural space. The organization promotes the interdisciplinary relationships between art, design, architecture, photography, fashion design, sound design, and more. The gallery’s new headquarters in Palazzo Brancaccio immerse visitors into a stunning space. Original elements and decorations remind of the palace’s grandeur as well as its rich past.

Inside, visitors can discover various art galleries and areas spread over several floors. On the ground level, Tube is an elongated space that houses multimedia works. This floor also contains The African; the name references the archive of African artifacts of the National Museum of Oriental Art, which was previously held here. This gallery also houses the Faro coffee shop. Up on the sixth floor, the Apartment explores the dialogue between historical design and contemporary brands and designers. Finally, another level will feature workshops and lectures, literary presentations, and live music, among others. The new Contemporary Cluster location will open its doors from September 23, 2021 with a series of art exhibitions. Photography© Paolo Abate, Laura Tofani, Serena Eller, Contemporary Cluster.

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