Berchem, Belgium

i.s.m.architecten, an acronym for "in samenwerking met architecten" (Dutch for "in collaboration with architects"), is a distinguished Belgian architecture and interior architecture firm known for its dedication to spatial design and the intricate design process. Established in 2010, this innovative firm has developed a rich expertise across a diverse spectrum of projects. Their portfolio spans from intricate furniture designs and opera scenographies to comprehensive interior and exterior architectural works. At the core of i.s.m.architecten's philosophy is the belief in starting each project with a fresh, open perspective. This approach allows for a dynamic creation process, where ideas are constantly honed and refined. Through this method, every project becomes a vessel for advancing their design language, whether it's through the creation of new forms or the enhancement of existing ones. This pursuit of design excellence is always grounded in a strong, collaborative relationship with clients, ensuring that each venture not only meets but also transcends client expectations, charting new territories in architectural innovation.

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