A zoomorphic lamp inspired by the fluid motions of a swimming whale.

Created by designer Yoshiki Matsuyama for Japanese lighting brand Ambientec, Cachalot is a love letter to the depths of the ocean and to its majestic creatures. The portable lamp takes inspiration from the fluid, graceful movements of a gentle giant as it swims in the sea: the whale. The organic silhouette reminds of the cetacean figure but in an abstract, non-literal way. Thus, the symbolic object aims to elicit an emotional response in the user; the shape feels familiar and intriguing at the same time.

“As a child, I was enchanted by the whales and cetaceans in picture books and adventure novels. Today as a designer I find the shape of these ocean creatures fascinating: powerful and fluid, yet also warm and gentle. It is this majesty imbued with sweetness that I hoped to convey with Cachalot. Its soft light spreads into the night and makes time seem to slow down – just like how a whale moves through the depths of a silent sea, creating an atmosphere of peace and quiet,” explains designer Yoshiki Matsuyama.

Sculptural and refined as well as distinctive, the lamp becomes a focal point wherever it goes. It suits any space, from a shelf in the living room to a side table in the bedroom. Similarly to other Ambientec lighting, Cachalot combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. While the base is die-cast zinc with a warm, copper-plated finish, the shade is durable acrylic. A tubular-shaped LED light works with a proprietary technology and produces a warm glow. Ambientec will offer the lamp in two versions: clear and dark gray. Both of them are portable, wireless, and easily rechargeable. To celebrate the launch of the design, the company will donate 1% of the lamp’s annual sales to charities focused on marine environmental protection. Ambientec will present the Cachalot portable lamp during Milan Design Week, between June 7- June 12, 2022. Photography © Ambientec.


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