An elegant and practical desk designed for home offices.

Amsterdam-based designer Frederik Roijé creates furniture, lighting, and home accessories with a minimalist aesthetic and functional designs that also tell a story. For example, a bird feeder that references architecture or a magazine holder inspired by pets. When designing the Double Desk, Frederik Roijé took inspiration from home offices and the recent rise of remote working. Elegant and practical, the home office desk features a curved metal top that creates a handy nook and a shelf at the same time. The user can place objects in the curved section to keep them from rolling down on the floor. The top shelf is ideal for smaller items like plant pots, books, photos, or a small clock.

Similarly to other products made by the studio, the Double Desk is crafted in the Netherlands with quality and durability in mind. It features a single sheet of metal completed with a durable powder-coated finish. Ash wood legs provide support and give a warm accent to the design. The desk is also compact. This means that it fits even into smaller rooms and narrower spaces with ease. The studio sends this product flat-packed, but the Double Desk doesn’t require any extra tools for assembly. The design comes in white or black versions, both of them made with ash wood legs with a natural color. Photography© Studio Frederik Roijé.

Double Desk

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