As working from home has become the standard instead of the exception, creating a comfortable and practical workspace is incredibly important. A home office desk for modern living spaces should look beautiful but it should also offer the right blend of function and flexibility. After all, many pieces of furniture and home accessories are multi-functional, so why would a home office desk be any different? To help you find your ideal office at home, we have gathered a wide range of designs. Whether you want to create the minimalist workspace of your dreams; need a standing desk that can help you stay in shape and improve your well-being; or want a home office desk you can also use as a dining table, you’ll find various options in our selection. Take a break from your work, grab a cup of coffee, and read on.


Zegen Ollly Desk

An award-winning home office desk.

Designed by Pavel Vetrov for Ukrainian furniture brand Zegen, the Ollly desk offers the perfect solution to create a practical and elegant workspace. The design is minimalist and stylish, meaning that Ollly looks great virtually anywhere. It’s also compact and slender, so it can easily fit into smaller offices at home. The slim top houses a wide range of practical elements. For example, there’s a silent drawer that can hold a laptop and other items. At the edges of the desk, carved grooves provide plenty of room for smaller objects and desk accessories. Other features include built-in slots for gadgets and handy cut-outs for cable management. All of these clever details and the desk’s clean design led to Ollly receiving the Red Dot Award 2015.

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Shelter Desk

An ideal home office desk for modern living spaces.

Working from home is now the norm rather than the exception. And choosing the right desk is crucial if you want to create the ideal workspace. The Shelter desk is as refined as it is practical. Designed by João Teixeira, it features an elegantly rounded form with a slender silhouette and angled legs. The top’s curved edge contains three drawers where the user can store anything from writing and drawing utensils to a tablet or a laptop. At the back, another drawers helps to keep cables hidden to maintain the clean look of the desk and to create a clutter-free workspace. This desk is crafted from wood and has a light, natural color.

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Elmer Desk

An ultra-compact wall desk.

Made in a collaboration between designer Bastien Chapelle and furniture manufacturer iRESISTUB, Elmer is the result of the French Design Incubator initiative that pairs designers and local companies to promote short production chains. A creative home office desk, the modern Elmer leans against the wall to occupy minimal floor space. Designed with only two legs, the desk has a curved top section that closes up when not in use, thus looking like a regular cabinet. Opening the wooden door reveals a compact workspace with room for a laptop and accessories. The top also offers space for smaller items, doubling as shelving. Elmer features a metal build with a black finish and a wooden door with a natural color.

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Blu Dot Stash Desk

A simple and minimalist desk.

Minneapolis-based Blu Dot makes furniture that blends style and function to offer a creative way to enhance both live and work spaces. The company takes on a collaborative approach to design, making each product through a holistic process that involves everything from the first sketches to the last details. One of the most minimalist home desks from our list, the Stash Desk reminds of school furniture with its clean, no-nonsense design. Practical and straight-forward, it features one drawer for writing and drawing tools. In a creative twist, the drawer can be assembled on the right or on the left side of the desk. Stash is also versatile thanks to its minimal aesthetic. It features a wooden build with radius edges and a compact size. Available in walnut or in painted or stained ash wood.

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Emko Pill

A round desk with multiple storage spaces.

The best home office desk for modern spaces is one that looks contemporary and fresh but also offers a range of convenient features. Pill is one of them. Designed by Lithuanian brand Emko, this desk stands out with a circular shape and a three-door design. The round desk attaches to a wall and looks like a normal cabinet when closed. To use the desk, the user needs to open the doors, an action that instantly converts the elegant cabinet into a practical workspace. The adjustable shelving system maximizes function. Highly versatile, the shelves can hold anything from a laptop to large books and desk accessories. Sockets come as standard, but Pill also comes with optional LED lighting. Pill works well as a desk or as a home bar, cabinet, or bookshelf. It comes in white, black, blue, or yellow.

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Made by Choice Kauko

A multi-functional, foldable desk.

Created in a collaboration between Franz Design Helsinki and Made by Choice, Kauko is a minimalist and multi-functional desk that fits into any space with ease. The desk is compact and simple as well as conveniently foldable. The folding base makes the desk easy to store when not in use, as you can simply lean it against a wall. Furthermore, Kauko is easy to adjust in height. This means that you can use it as a classic sitting desk with your favorite office chair, or you can convert it into a standing desk. Crafted to last, the Kauko desk has a solid wood build with a natural color.

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Emko 4.9

An angular home office desk.

Designer Marius Valaitis created the Emko 4.9 desk as an expression of the beauty of imperfection. Even the name alludes to this, as it’s not a perfectly round number. This desk has a more angular design with clean lines and sharper angles instead of rounded edges and curved forms. The top is also angled to highlight the design’s concept. Using precise manufacturing methods, the company ensures that the subtly tilted surface is comfortable to use and convenient at the same time. 4.9 features two drawers at the front that can house various items and accessories. At the back, it features a slender opening that’s ideal for writing and drawing paper or smaller objects. This desk has a solid wood build and comes either in American or European ash wood.

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Emko My Writing Desk

A desk with a creative top and folding legs.

If you like more creative designs, Emko’s My Writing Desk might be the ideal choice for your home office. The desk features a top with curved edges that keeps any items secure and prevents them from rolling over to the floor. At the same time, these grooves hold any cables and keep the work surface free of clutter. The two drawers offer generous space for accessories, writing and drawing tools, gadgets, and more. Made with folding legs, this home office desk is easy to store and extremely convenient to move either from one room to another or from one living space to a new home. This desk comes in a natural brown and white color palette.

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Nikari November Light Table

A Nordic-style, home office desk.

Designed by Danish designer Louise Campbell for Finnish brand Nikari and its 12 Designs for Nature collection, the November Light Table is minimal and understated – the epitome of Nordic design. The desk has slender legs and an elongated top that expands the work surface and allows the user to work with larger sheets of paper, if needed. Round openings offer a stylish way to open the front drawer. Inside, there’s plenty of room for various types of items, from pens to larger gadgets. The elegant desk is crafted from light ash wood according to Nordic woodworking traditions. Thanks to its minimalist aesthetic, this modern desk fits into any space with ease, from home offices to hotel rooms.

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Fem Work Desk

A height-adjustable home office desk for modern spaces.

If you like working while sitting but other times prefer to work while standing, this may be the ideal desk for you. Made by Choice and Helsinki-based studio Fyra collaborated to design the Fem work desk. Compact and conveniently adjustable, this home office desk is a perfect choice for those who love to work in a more flexible way. The multi-functional design allows the user to adjust the height of the desk with ease. Alternatively, Fem works well as a side table or shelving unit. This compact and practical desk is also crafted to last for a long time. Fem comes in solid ash wood with a natural or a black stained finish.

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Ergonofis Shift Desk 2.0

A standing desk with an automated height-adjustment system.

Another option for those who love standing desks, Ergonofis Shift Desk 2.0 is also designed with a versatile, minimalist aesthetic and a range of ingenious features. This home office desk is simple and elegant as well as comfortable to use. An automated adjustment mechanism allows the user to change the height of a desk with the touch of a button. The top is also special. It features a soft-touch laminate work surface with an anti-fingerprint and anti-microbial finish. The matte laminate is both heat and scratch-resistant, adding more durability to the design. Made in Canada, the Shift Desk 2.0 comes with a 10-year warranty.

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Floyd The Table

A simple and versatile design.

Compact apartments usually need at least a few multi-functional pieces of furniture that can fulfill multiple roles. Floyd is a good example. Perfect for modern lifestyles, this design is versatile and practical. Keeping things simple, Floyd is a minimal table that doubles as a home office desk when needed. The size of the top provides a convenient solution to create a spacious and comfortable work area or to convert the desk into a dining table. Made to last, the table features matte powder-coated steel legs and a top-grade birch plywood top. The table is also easy to assemble without extra tools, as it boasts simple connections. Which means that you can easily take it apart if you need to free up some space or want to move house.

Buy $625

Artifox Desk

A solid wood desk with an integrated dock.

Made by Artifox, this modular design easily adapts to the user’s needs. The Desk comes either in a sitting or a standing version. Both of them feature a solid wood build – we love the black version but you can also get this desk in white oak or in walnut. More than just a beautiful piece of hardwood furniture, this home office desk suits modern spaces and lifestyles perfectly. That’s because it’s specially designed with function in mind. It features a built-in dock for gadgets and modular accessories, pegs for hanging headphones or bags, and a metal grid to easily hold cables in place. At the back, there’s a notch for a monitor mount or larger cables. The feet adjust to allow you to use the desk even on more uneven surfaces. Finally, this desk is proudly made in the USA.

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Hartô Victor Desk

A compact and practical desk.

Ideal for compact spaces and apartments where every inch of free space counts, Victor is a small but still comfortably sized home office desk. Designer Pierre-François Dubois created the desk for French brand Hartô. While the desk has a smaller width, it boasts extra depth to provide plenty of room for working in comfort. Two metallic edges rise at the rear to create a border that keeps any pens and rounded accessories from falling onto the floor. At the front, two drawers offer space for writing and drawing tools, gadgets, and smaller items. Like other modern home office desks from our list, Victor has a quality build. It comes with a matte-coated metal frame and an oak veneer top.

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Opinion Ciatti Macis Desk

A versatile desk that comes with different accessories.

Inspired by the fast pace of modern lifestyles, Italian designer Lapo Ciatti created the Macis desk for Opinion Ciatti with a highly versatile design. Macis works well either as a desk or a table. It has a minimal, streamlined design with a slender steel frame that supports a slim wooden or PET top. One side of the base boasts a practical roller that allows the user to slide the desk around a room or a larger, open-plan office with ease. An optional sliding mechanism also provides a convenient way to extend the work surface when needed. An under-top drawer and a circular cork panel for displaying important messages are also available separately. Macis comes in matte black, white PET or natural oak veneer versions.

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Ferm Living Feve Desk

A sculptural and organic home office desk.

The Feve Desk from Danish brand Ferm Living stands out with an organic, sculptural silhouette. Like its names suggests (Feve comes from “fève”, which means “bean” in French), the design draws inspiration from nature and organic shapes. The legs are slanted and boast elliptical silhouettes; they support a rounded and curved tabletop that completes the elegant design. As versatile as it is stylish and distinctive, the Feve Desk can be used as a workspace, table, or console. Made from FSC-certified solid walnut wood sourced from European forests, the desk is crafted with durability in mind. A perfect choice for those who appreciate more creative furniture designs and traditional craftsmanship.

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Benchmark Noa Sit-Stand Desk

A flexible desk with rounded forms.

Designed by Tom Parfitt for Benchmark, the Noa Sit-Stand Desk has a compact shape and an adjustable design. Specially made for residential spaces, this home office desk is modern and practical at the same time. It features a central metal mechanism with hidden cables that provides an easy way to convert the desk into a sit or a stand version. Noa has an elegantly rounded form with an ergonomic silhouette and curved edges. The solid oak build gives more warmth to the design as well as a highly tactile finish. Noa comes with a whitened oil or darkened oil finish and with white, black, or gray mechanical frames. Both the materials and finishes are sustainable, natural, and non-toxic.

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&Tradition The Pavilion AV16 Desk

A contemporary desk inspired by an architectural design,

To create the Pavilion series of chairs and then the AV16 desk for Danish brand &Tradition, Oslo-based studio Anderssen & Voll looked to an architectural design for inspiration. More specifically, to the Langelinie Pavilion designed by architects Eva and Niels Koppel. Light and minimal, the desk suits both residential and office spaces. It features a slender, tubular steel frame with a thin top that features a laminated surface and lacquered, veneered edges. The wood comes from FSC-certified forests. &Tradition offers the Pavilion AV16 desk in three versions: monochrome black, mushroom with oak and a chrome base, and iron with walnut and a chrome base.

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Rail Desk

An ultra-minimalist desk with a multi-functional design.

Designed by Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa for Menu, the Rail Desk is one of the most minimalist home office desks you can find. Indeed, this beautifully uncomplicated desk features only two elements: a rectangular wooden shelf and a wall-mounted steel bracket inspired by the handrail of a staircase. Elegant and clever in its simplicity, this compact desk has multiple functions and adapts to different needs. Apart from a workspace, it can also serve as a shelf, compact library, or even as a counter space. The user can install the desk at any height and in any space, from living rooms to bedrooms. While the steel bracket comes in a black finish, the tactile wood shelf comes in natural oak or in stained oak.

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Atelier Desk

A slender desk with a clean aesthetic.

Studio Sarah and Henrik Böttger designed the Atelier Desk with a slender profile, a light build, and a clean aesthetic. The versatile desk fits into any home and offers a practical solution to create an elegant workspace. Made from ash wood, the desk has a convenient assembly method that makes it easy to dismantle, if needed. The drawer at the front features several compartments that provide an easy way to organize larger or smaller accessories. Inside, the user can store anything from larger paper formats and laptops to pens and paper clips. Finally, the top has a smooth finish and no other detailing or elements to maximize the work surface.

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Kitt Desk

An elegant design that blends style and function.

Minimal and stylish, the Kitt Desk was created by Bangkok-based studio Kiltt Design. The desk is compact and versatile as well as packed with practical features. For example, on one side there’s a peg for holding bags or headphones. Beneath the top, there’s a bottom shelf for items with a simple cable management system. This shelf can hold smaller gadgets for charging or even a few books. Likewise, the top’s raised edge at the rear and a section with notches make it easier to keep cables hidden from sight and away from the work surface. The distance between the raised section and the wall offers room for items like thin books, photos, or art prints. At the front, there’s a practical drawer with a soft-close mechanism. Crafted by skilled Thai artisans, the Kitt Desk is made from solid oak in a natural color or with a walnut stain.

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