A limited-edition series of exclusive colors that enhance the stylish Navigator glasses.

Following their successful collaboration on the Active glasses, eyewear brand Article One and technical apparel and performance accessories manufacturer Mission Workshop have partnered yet again to create a limited-edition series. This time, the Navigator glasses receive an exclusive set of colors that enhance the original design further. Versatile and chic, the Navigator glasses suit any occasion. And like all Mission Workshop products and can smoothly transition from day-to-day wear to high-performance, athletic activities. In true Article One fashion, the Navigator features handmade frames. The company produces the frames at the base of the Dolomites in Italy, where family-owned factories use high-end materials and state-of-the-art craftsmanship to make each frame by hand.

Quality materials and clever details that ensure comfort during low- or high-impact activities.

The glasses come with TR90 polymer frames. Incredibly durable, the material is also lightweight and makes the glasses a pleasure to wear all day long. Plus, the polymer has a hypoallergenic composition and can hold its shape even when exposed to high temperatures. The frames also feature silicone nose pads with an integrated wire core skeleton. The user can squeeze the nose pad during a workout to tighten the grip and then let it loose. Silicone pads that wrap behind the ears provide extra grip and enhance comfort at the same time.

As for the lenses, they’re Italian Divel CR-39. Apart from blocking 100% of UVA/UVB rays and preventing glare, these polarized lenses also have an extra coating on the rear side to counteract reflections coming from the eye. Finally, spring hinges allow for bounce back in case of rough wear. The Article One X Mission Workshop Navigator glasses come in four limited-edition colorways. They range from Black / Gray Lens and Black / Rose Yellow Lens to Tortoise / Gray Green Lens and Vintage Crystal / Brown Amber Lens. Each frame also comes with a cleaning cloth and a sturdy EVA travel case. Images courtesy of Mission Workshop.

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