A compound gin made from recycled un-distilled Budweiser liquor.

The world’s economy has experienced various side effects from the Coronavirus pandemic; among them, breweries having large amounts of surplus beer due to the closing of bars and restaurants. In Japan, Anheuser-Busch (manufacturer of Budweiser) partnered with Tokyo-based distillery Ethical Spirits & Co to find a creative solution to this problem. The distillery focuses on sustainable brewing methods and also uses leftover products from sake production to craft gin. Enter the REVIVE gin, a compound drink madeli from recycled Budweiser beer that was thus saved from becoming waste.

Made in partnership with leading sake producer Gekkeikan, this compound gin uses recycled, un-distilled Budweiser liquor as a base. Beech wood chips, beer and ingredients like juniper berries, cinnamon, hops, and lemon peel enhance the gin’s rich profile. REVIVE has a sweet taste that blends Budweiser flavors with botanical ingredients. As a result, the drink especially suits salty and spicy food.

The handmade REVIVE has an alcohol content of 40%. Available online at Ethical Spirits & Co, this special compound gin has a price of ¥5,500 JPY or around $50 for a bottle of 360 ml. Finally, the distillery will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the REVIVE gin to a non-profit organization that supports the live music industry in Japan. Photographs© Ethical Spirits & Co.

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