With the arrival of warmer weather, outdoor spaces start to take the place of the kitchen/dining room as the heart of the home. And decking provides the perfect solution to enjoy the sunshine. Extremely versatile, wooden decks can easily double as laid-back lounge areas and buzzing hubs centered around a barbecue or outdoor fireplace. Thankfully, finding the best wood for decks is easier than ever before. Companies all over the US and Europe offer top quality products that last and also look fantastic over time. We’ve made it even more convenient to select the best wood for outdoor deck projects with our list of companies specialized in decking and premium wood products.

Whether you’re an architect looking for the best wood for decks to complement your residential or commercial project; if you’re planning to re-design your outdoor space and replace old decking; or if you want to finally install that dreamy deck you’ve been thinking about for years, here are some of the best wood decking manufacturers that can help you make your plans a reality.


Delta Millworks

Founded in Austin in 1985, Delta Millworks makes top quality cladding, flooring, decking, and paneling. The company uses the finest woods, from Western red cedar to ash and pine, and has introduced a range of modified woods, proprietary finishes and treatments in its collection. Apart from a reclaimed wood range that gives new life to old barn wood sourced from all over the US, Delta Millworks also makes products that showcase the traditional Japanese shou-sugi-ban technique of charring wood to make it resistant to fire, insects, and decay. For our list of best wood for outdoor deck projects, we’ve chosen a stunning design from the Thermally Modified range.

Using a thermal modification process that heats up the wood and changes its structure, the company makes eco-friendly decking that is both sustainable and durable. The Thermo Ash Espresso Decking boasts the signature rich color palette of thermally modified wood, enhanced by the company with an espresso stain finish that blends chocolate and coffee hues with darker accents. Lightweight and easy to install, the decking has superior decay and weather resistance. It also resists shrinking and swelling, ensuring that it will look fantastic for years. Photo© Delta Millworks.

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Listone Giordano

A well-known brand in the world of premium wood flooring, Listone Giordano introduced their innovative hardwood floors back in 1984. Featuring a cutting-edge build with multiple layers of birch, micrometic joints, and transverse incisions, the company’s flooring remains stable over time without warping. Listone Giordano also uses the finest wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests in Burgundy, France. Consequently, you can easily find the best wood for decks in their collection.

We love the brand’s Teak wood decking. More than just a good looking option for your outdoor living space, this deck also comes with the patented Clip JuAn® fastening system. This ingenious design makes installation up to 40% faster and improves air circulation beneath the planks while minimizing moisture. Plus, Listone Giordano offer a range of cleaning and maintenance products for this deck, including a graying oil that makes the planks resistant to dirt and easier to clean. Photo© Listone Giordano.

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Arbor Wood Co

Arbor Wood Co (or AWco) specializes in thermally modified timber products that range from flooring to siding and decking. The natural, chemical-free heating and steaming process with three stages changes the structure of the wood, providing long-term protection against rot and decay while prolonging the life of the wood and significantly reducing the risk of shrinking and swelling. Before processing the planks, the company makes sure to source only the finest quality wood from domestic sources, turning to suppliers who use sustainable harvesting methods. All of this means that if you want to buy the best wood for outdoor deck projects, AWco is a great choice.

Their White Ash decking looks gorgeous. Unfinished, it boasts pale colors and will develop a patina over time. However, customers can also choose AWco decking with warm brown or dark gray finishes for a more rustic or modern look, respectively. Photo© Arbor Wood Co.

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Founded in 2009, Brooklyn-based Tri-Lox doesn’t really specialize in decking, but we love their dedication to quality, great design, and tradition, so we had to include them in our list. The fact that the company brings together a design studio, custom shop, and mill under the same roof also deserves a special mention. Hand-picked, their sustainable wood products are processed in-house and each one has a distinctive character. Working with well-known architecture studios and companies, Tri-Lox can easily infuse the natural material with a creative flavor, depending on the project. Vice’s headquarters in Brooklyn caught our attention.

To complete this project, Tri-Lox used custom-milled, reclaimed Cedar wood from their Skyline Collection. Previously used on water towers, the Alaskan Cedar has silvery gray hues as well as marks left by the steel bands. The landscaping, which is reminiscent of a wild meadow in a pastoral landscape, complements the vintage character of the wood perfectly. We should also mention that Tri-Lox usually recommends their Black Lotus wood for decking – a beautiful, ash gray wood sourced from regional forests. Photo© Arion Doerr, courtesy of Tri-Lox.

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Humboldt Redwood Company

Preferred by many architecture firms thanks to its natural strength, beauty, and durability, redwood is also a perfect choice for decking. It not only has a rich color palette and lovely grain, but also stands up to the elements, is resistant to warping and splitting, and it provides a comfortable surface to walk on barefoot, even in the hottest summer days. So if you’re looking for the best wood for outdoor deck projects, this type of wood is ideal. Humboldt Redwood Company specializes in redwood products, making it a natural, best wood for decks choice. Like other companies from our list, they value sustainability. So much so, that their decking is FSC-certified and counts towards achieving both the LEED and the Sustainable SITES Initiative ratings.

Boasting reddish hues and natural texture variations that enhance the visual appeal, this redwood decking offers an ideal solution to create a warm, welcoming outdoor space. The Class B flame spread treatment also ensures that this decking is suitable in areas with high fire risks – it’s even approved for use in California’s Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones. Photo© Humboldt Redwood Company.

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The Hudson Company

The best wood for decks can come from a company that doesn’t even specialize in decking. Take The Hudson Company, for example. Founded in 1995, this custom mill produces bespoke, handmade wood products that range from wood flooring and paneling to beams. Their impressive range of reclaimed wood makes them one of the best options for decking, especially if you like to infuse your outdoor spaces with a bit of history and vintage character. The company sources reclaimed wood from old barns and farmhouses as well as factories, warehouses, and NYC’s decommissioned rooftop water towers. Processed in The Hudson Company’s Pine Plains mill, NY, the wood undergoes an extensive cleaning, restoration and finishing process to bring out the beauty of the old wood.

For our list of best wood for outdoor deck projects, we’ve chosen the company’s Reclaimed Brown Board. Taken from the cladding of agrarian buildings and barns in New England, this wood has a beautiful rustic character. It boasts medium brown colors with variations in hues across the planks, a textured surface, and all the features that make reclaimed wood so beloved: scarring, saw marks, grain irregularities, knots, mineral streaks, ferrous stains, and cracks. Photo© The Hudson Company.

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The Lumber Baron

Established in 1978, The Lumber Baron has been offering a range of high-quality cedar, redwood, and Douglas fir products to customers all over the country. In the 2000s, the company started adding reclaimed wood to its collection of products, and now specializes in old-growth timber specially chosen for its distinctive beauty, strength, and old-time character. The best wood for decks should blend high-quality and style in a product that tells a story. Reclaimed wood provides exactly that.
Ideal for decking, The Lumber Baron’s Reclaimed Douglas Fir comes from a range of sites and locations from all over California and the West Coast. Whether sourced from old barns, warehouses, or bridges, the company’s reclaimed Douglas fir provides an eco-friendly, sustainable solution to create the decking of your dreams. Photo© The Lumber Baron.

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Déco Decking

Italian company Déco offers a wide variety of wood products that range from decking and cladding to ceilings, sunshades, and modular wall coverings. Architecture studios and builders use their products on an array of projects, from residential and commercial spaces to public, urban architecture. The Déco Decking line features many types of wood, but Angelim Amargoso has caught our attention.

This noble South American wood has a warm color palette with amber and reddish hues that look even more striking under the light of the summer sun. Similar in aesthetics to teak, the Angelim Amargoso decking also offers the same high-performance of the outdoor-friendly wood. It provides excellent performance and stability while resisting the elements and making maintenance easier. One of the best wood for decks you can buy, this decking comes with narrower planks that create a beautiful texture when installed in a larger area. This premium quality wood is durable and reliable, which makes it a great choice for residential projects, as well as for large-scale public projects and hospitality applications. Photo© Déco Decking.

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Founded in 1997, Moso introduced the first flexible, fire-resistant bamboo wood board at a time when this type of wood was a rarity in residential or commercial architecture. Their curved ceiling for the Madrid airport made waves. Designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and completed in 2005 with Moso bamboo, the sculptural design is the largest industrial bamboo project to date.

The Moso Bamboo X-treme Decking offers a huge range of advantages compared to more classic options. Made from the fast-growing Moso bamboo which doesn’t require the cutting of the whole plant, this is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable decking you can find. The compressed, thermally treated boards provide fantastic stability and durability as well as fire-resistance and a harder surface compared to hardwood. For those who want only the best wood for decks, the Moso Bamboo X-treme decking is a great option. The planks or tiles will patina over time to a silvery gray hue, but customers can easily maintain the rich brown color of the wood with an oil treatment. Photo© Fraser Decks And Patio Covers, courtesy of Moso.

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Ravaioli Legnami

Since 1985, Ravaioli Legnami has grown from a small company into a leading brand in the wood cladding and decking industry.  The company’s range of products feature FSC-certified timber – including exotic woods and more classic options – and environmentally sustainable composite materials, offering a green solution to clad buildings or install new decking.

The Module decking is a great choice for those who want to buy the best wood for decks in a residential or commercial setting. Made of FSC-certified plantation teak wood, the decking has a light, sandy brown color with darker accents. The company’s vaporization treatment not only enhances Module’s stability, but also gives the wood a distinctive character. The best wood for outdoor deck projects should easily withstand the elements, like this decking does with elegance. Finally, Module has an ingenious pre-assembled tile system that makes installation as easy as possible. Photo© Ravaioli Legnami.

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IndoTeak Design

The best wood for a deck in your home is the one that not only looks amazing and lasts, but also has a story. Established by Frank Ragen in California, IndoTeak Design has a deep connection to Indonesia that dates back to the founder’s post-grad study trip to Bali. An avid surfer, he wanted to make the most of the island’s famous waves, but fell in love with the local culture, the people, and the spectacular landscapes. Fast forward to the present day, and IndoTeak Design celebrates Indonesia with every product it makes. The company has created jobs locally and has partnered with SurfAid International to help those in need with community-based projects that provide lasting solutions for the future.

Crafted from 100% reclaimed teak wood sourced from Indonesia, their decking is produced in a zero-waste process. Every piece of teak wood comes from 100-300-year-old Indonesian structures slated for either demolition or the landfill. Teak wood is naturally resistant to shrinking and warping, but the IndoTeak Diagonal Decking Tiles are also formaldehyde and VOC-free. They look gorgeous thanks to golden hues with copper and silvery highlights. Plus, you can install them in patterns, as they come in tiles that feature an ingenious I-Connect system. Photo© IndoTeak Design.

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Denver-based, raised decking specialists Bison make anything from low-maintenance terraces and rooftop decks to architectural elements like plazas and pop-up parks. In 2004, they introduced the Bison wood tile decking crafted from Brazilian Ipê and Cumaru wood. Fast forward to 2009, and the company started to focus on FSC-certified wood to produce their wood tile decking. Which makes it a natural choice for our best wood for decks list.

Made from sustainably harvested woods, the tiles come in Ipê, Cumaru, Garapa, Massaranduba, Mahogany, and Bamboo versions. These tropical hardwoods have a beautiful variations in colors and grain patterns, offering a wide range of options if you want to pick the best wood for outdoor deck projects. Exceptionally dense, the tropical hardwood tiles resist the elements perfectly and they are also resistant to insects. The decking comes with a high rating for fire, wind, and seismic conditions, for more peace of mind. Finally, the Bison Wood Tiles are conveniently low-maintenance and long-lasting. Photo© Bison.

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Real Cedar

Founded in 1954, Vancouver-based Western Red Cedar Lumber Association represents 27 producers of Western Red Cedar products from British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The association promotes Real Cedar as the ultimate building material. And the goal? To inspire architects, builders, and consumers to choose this premium quality hardwood that is not only naturally beautiful and versatile but also environmentally responsible and durable. Leaders in Western Red Cedar lumber products, Real Cedar provide the ideal solution to enhance your outdoor space with decking you’ll love to use for decades.

The Real Cedar Western Red Cedar decking is sourced from sustainably managed forests. It’s durable and biodegradable as well as naturally resistant to insects, rot, and decay. This means that the wood will look gorgeous for a long time and will also require less maintenance. The resin and pitch-free composition offers more versatility when it comes to finishes, as the wood can hold an array of oils and coatings. Real Cedar offers decking in a range of designs. Architects can choose between the exclusive Architect Clear or the rustic Architect Knotty options. Custom Clear and Custom Knotty decking is also available. Finally, the company offers all of these products either seasoned or unseasoned. Photo© Real Cedar.

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Reclaimed wood is so beautiful, it can inspire architects, designers, and – in the case of TerraMai – entrepreneurs. TerraMai co-founder Ken Westrick got the idea to establish his own reclaimed wood company during a sabbatical that took him from the fast-paced Silicon Valley world to the tranquil roads of rural Montana. Old barns, agricultural buildings, and fences became the inspiration to salvage the natural material and use it for architectural, interior design, and landscape architecture projects. Now, the company’s portfolio includes projects completed for brands and organizations like Google, Mariott, Stanford University, and the City of New York.

All of the company’s products are FSC-certified and many of them contribute towards achieving the coveted LEED rating. Perfect for those who want the best wood for decks, the TerraMai Reclaimed Cumaru Decking has a clean look with minimal knots and elegant textures. Its warm brown color transforms into a gray patina over time. Resistant to decay and rot, this tropical hardwood is extremely dense and tough. This specific decking is water reclaimed and comes from Lake Bayano, Panama. TerraMai works with local communities to reclaim submerged wood, making their products an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to freshly cut tropical wood. Photo© TerraMai.

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Established in 1997, Kebony is an award-winning wood brand with headquarters in Olso, Norway and an international distribution network. The company makes eco-friendly wood products using the patented Kebony technology. The manufacturing process involves treating FSC-certified pine wood with a bio-based liquid, which enhances both the appearance and the durability of the natural material. As a result, the brand’s collection comes with the Swan and Glass Bear ecolabels that certify the products’ environmental friendliness and sustainability. Kebony wood also has a hardness level that matches or even surpasses tropical woods.

If you’re looking for the best best for outdoor deck projects, Kebony is a great option. Their decking develops a beautiful silvery gray patina over time and with exposure to the elements. The wood comes in character and clear versions. While the former boasts knots and more pronounced textures, the latter feature a clean, elegant surface. Low-maintenance, the decking is also versatile and long-lasting. Photo© Kebony.

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Stumptown Woods

Portland-based Stumptown Woods takes its name after the city’s nickname from 1847, earned during a period of extraordinary growth and urban development. The company celebrates that era with products that help architects and designers create visionary built environments. Putting a focus on transparency, sustainability, and good design, Stumptown Woods works with architecture and design firms to bring stunning spaces to life.

The Ironbark design is a perfect choice for those who want to get the best wood for decks. Made from the Batu wood species, it’s a premium quality hardwood that complements rich colors reminiscent of mahogany with durability and versatility. This elegant decking has a warm color palette, a delicate grain, and it’s also low-maintenance. The company offers the design unfinished or with a range of finish options. Photo© Stumptown Woods.

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Duffield Timber

Based in North Yorkshire, England, Duffield Timber is a family-owned supplier of timber products and decking with over 60 years of experience in the industry. Valuing both tradition and innovation, the company sources the highest quality hardwoods and softwoods to produce pre-machined and custom boards for a wide range of applications. For the architects and designers who love minimalist design and are looking for the best wood for decks, we’ve picked Duffield Timber’s Siberian Larch decking.

Featuring a clean profile and a lighter color palette, this decking is as refined as it is durable. It boasts a straw, sandy color with eye-catching grain patterns. Depending on the grading, it can either feature only small knots and a largely uniform color or more rustic knots and markings. Dense and stable, the Siberian Larch decking offers fantastic weatherproof performance, making it some of the best wood for outdoor deck projects. Photo© Duffield Timber.

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Based in San Antonio, Texas, WoodCo is a family-owned and run company that specializes in custom wood flooring, boards, beams, and lumber products made from reclaimed wood, European Oak, or French Oak. Apart from working with architects and designers on private residences, commercial spaces, and hospitality projects, the company also has a long list of renwoned clients. Well-known names include MoMA, Deloitte University, and the Clark Art Institute. While WoodCo has a wide selection of products that range from flooring to paneling and stairs, their decking line is a perfect addition to our list of best wood for decks.

The WoodCo Garapa Decking has a superior hardness that makes it perfect for heavy-duty use. Like a family deck area where you’re planning to spend most of the summer barbecuing and lounging. Durable and tough, the Garapa wood is also naturally resistant to mold, decay, and rot. It also has a scratch-resistant surface, which means that it will maintain its elegant beauty for a long time. Photo© WoodCo.

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A leading brand in thermally modified wood, Finnish company Lunawood uses only PEFC certified Scandinavian wood sourced from well-managed forests to make its Thermowood products. The natural thermal modification process doesn’t use any chemicals. Instead, it relies on heat and steam to make the wood more durable, hard-wearing, and resistant to decay. Non-toxic and eco-friendly, all Lunawood Thermowood products are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and they can also handle any climate. Left untreated, the surface of the planks develops a gorgeous silvery-gray patina over time, adding more character to decking.

Made in Finland from Nordic pine, the Lunawood Thermowood Decking offers fantastic stability and durability. Sustainable, resin-free, and non-toxic, the decking also resists decay and rot. Plus, it comes with an easy fitting method. The Luna Profix system hides the fixing clips to not only transform installation into a quick and stress-free task, but also ensures that the decking looks clean and elegant without any visible screws.

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