Master & Dynamic X Leica 0.95 Collection

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A collection of headphones and earphones inspired by an iconic Leica lens.

Created in a collaboration between audio specialists Master & Dynamic and world-renowned camera brand Leica Camera AG, the ‘0.95 Collection’ pays homage to one of the most iconic lenses. Inspired by the Leica Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 ASPH, the series features Leica-style red dots, custom knurling, and etchings. The Master & Dynamic X Leica collection includes wireless and wired headphones as well as earphones. Naturally, all of them complement their sleek design with Master & Dynamic’s state-of-the-art audio components and technology.

Premium materials also give the series a high-end look and feel. The products feature aluminum, solid brass, handcrafted acetate, stainless steel, and chrome as well as cowhide and lambskin leather. Customers can choose between the MH40, MW60, and MW65 headphones. Those who prefer in-ear designs can select between the ME05 wired or the ME07 PLUS wireless earphones. Color options for both styles include all-black and silver/black versions.

Depending on the product, customers also receive extras like a leather cable boxes, canvas pouches, USB adapters and different charging cables, earphone tips, or charging cases. The Master & Dynamic X Leica 0.95 capsule collection is currently available at the audio brand’s web store (with free US ground shipping) and in Leica stores. Prices range from $59 for the stand to $499 for the MW65 headphones. Photographs© Master & Dynamic.

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