Finca Bellavista a sustainable tree house community situated on 600 acres of land in the mountainous South Pacific Coastal region of Costa Rica is the brainchild of married couple Mateo and Erica Hogan.
The property-seven tree houses and  cabins available for rent-encompasses an entire peninsula of rain forest mountain, with a breathtaking frontage of two whitewater rivers, and countless big trees.
Room rates vary from $100-$275 a night depending on which residence you select, which looks like a lot, but think about how much all of that includes.

Pro 1: There’s the Base Camp, a sprawling community complex complete with a dining hall, an open air lounge, a rancho, a bath house, campfire ring, and a wedding garden. It is one of the only buildings with power though, using a 1200-watt photo-voltaic DC power system.

Pro 2: As close as a mile and a half away there are small Costa Rican towns comprised of restaurants, churches, clinics, banks, grocery stores, and even hardware stores.  It’s definitely a resourceful area.

Pro 3: The majority of parcels have a 3G cell service. There’s a system at base camp that amplifies the existing 3G signal from the Piedras Blancas tower into a designated area. All communications equipment, including internet and telephones, run through this amplified 3G signal.  See, you can be in the middle of nature and still get enough bars to call home and brag about how cool your vacation is.

Pro 4: Just look at this place.  It’s completely amazing. It’s got to be one of the most unique vacation spots I’ve ever seen, and it might chalk up to be one of the most unique and adventurous experiences you’ve ever had.

Want to rent a cabin in the rain forest when it’s not raining, you say?  It’s not likely-considering you’re in the rain forest. There is a High (drier) season from that ranges from mid-December through May and a Low (rainier) season from roughly June through November. Watch out for October though-the place is usually closed down due to the impact the heavy rain has on visitor expectation and experience.
Either way, no matter what time you decide to book, it will definitely be a vacation that you’ll never forget. Is a trip to Finca-Bellavista in your future?



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