A new brand of creative bicycle accessories.

Launched by German custom motorcycle workshop Hookie Co., Frozen Components is a new brand that aims to infuse some flavor into your bike’s design. The company aims to produce a selection of bicycle parts and accessories. It made its debut in style with a collection that expands upon an original Hookie design. Introduced as a limited series in October 2020, the brand’s custom motorcycle grips now come in an array of designs. The Frozen Components inaugural collection comprises the Frozen grips and labels. The two work together to transform bland handlebars into the most eye-catching part of a bike.

Made in Dresden from an ecological thermoplastic compound, the grips have a polygonal shape and a UV-resistant surface. They have a convenient push-on design, which means that the user can quickly add the grips or remove them as needed. The surface also has a textured pattern that ensures a perfect grip. Working in tandem with the grips, labels come in up to 20 designs, although the brand aims to introduce a whole lot more in the near future. Vibrant and bold, the labels feature everything from comic book-style lettering to leopard prints, camo patterns, geometric shapes, or Indian-inspired patterns.

Whether brightly colored or monochrome, the labels add a fun twist to any bicycle’s design. Plus, they’re easy to stick to the handlebars before adding the grips that create a “frosted” effect. Thus, the name of the brand, Frozen Components. Apart from adding a cool accent to a bike, the brand’s products are also sustainably made. The material is specially chosen as it minimizes CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, customers can return old grips to Frozen Components for recycling. Shredded and processed, the material can then become a part of a new set of grips. Photography© Frozen Components.

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