An electric bike designed with a customizable frame and a range of practical features.

Dresden-based bike workshop Hookie Co. has released a new bike design that uses the Cake Ösa motorcycle as a starting point. Named ANT, this is the first electric bike completed by the team. The unconventional design draws inspiration from the strength and tenacity of an ant, featuring a sporty and fresh look. Compact and versatile, the bike adapts to different needs. While envisioned as an urban commuter, it works perfectly as a weekend bike for exploring nature or as a leisurely ride through the city.

ANT features an optimized frame with improved ergonomics. Apart from the changeable footrest position, the custom bike also features a slightly lower seat compared to the stock model. The customizable frame allows users to express their own creativity and create a one-of-a-kind ANT electric bike. Custom 3D printed clamps attach directly onto the bike’s frame and create several luggage mounting points. As a result, you can easily attach a backpack, bags of groceries, or even a tent and ride comfortably. The team collaborated with Heimplanet to design a range of backpacks that attach with only one hook to the frame. At the front, a removable basket on top of the battery pack offers even more space for smaller bags or a jacket.

Other features include a 10 kW (13.5 hp) engine, two LED rear lights, a 7’’ LED headlight mounted on a custom bracket, and a seat with vegan upholstery. Suitable for both city streets and off-road terrain, ANT comes with 14’’ Bridgestone tires. Available to order now, a complete Hookie Co. Cake Ösa ANT bike costs around $20,00. The company also offers a special moto-kit for around $3,000, which allows users to customize their own Cake Ösa at home. Finally, companies have the option to order branded bikes. Photographs© Hookie Co.

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