A simple but ingenious table that keeps items on display or hidden from view.

Based in Lille, northern France, design studio More Than Common Sense (MTCS) produces honest and minimalist furniture and home accessories that also have ingenious features. The studio is run by two industrial designers: founder Vincent Claudepierre and Justine Lotigie. Following the duo’s penchant for designing products with a clean, understated aesthetic, the Hide Table is both simple and clever. For this project, designer Vincent Claudepierre took inspiration from the way the public and private sides of our lives combine in the current era of Zoom meetings and of working from home. As a result, the table has an innovative design. It allows the user to choose whether to keep items on display or hidden.

Aptly named, the Hide Table has an angled shelf that offers plenty of room for books and magazines as well as accessories or even smaller decorative objects. By turning the table around, the user can showcase the objects or keep them hidden from view, as needed. At the bottom, another angled board keeps the items from falling on the floor. Crafted entirely from solid oak with a natural, light color, the table is both durable and versatile. Its clean lines and simple geometry make it perfect for any living space and decor. Photography© More Than Common Sense.

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