A minimalist lamp inspired by traditional oil lanterns.

Founded in 2008, Wästberg aims to create lighting that enhances well-being and responds to fundamental human needs – both physical and emotional. The family-run Swedish company collaborates with leading designers and architects to produce beautiful as well as tech-driven and environmentally conscious lighting. For the Holocene collection, Wästberg partnered with some of the world’s best designers. The first three products, two oil lamps and one candle holder, were designed by Ilse Crawford, David Chipperfield, and Jasper Morrison, respectively. Designed by celebrated British architect and designer John Pawson, the Holocene No.4 lamp draws inspiration from traditional oil lanterns.

The minimalist design offers a contemporary take on classic oil lamps, finding and refining their essence. Shaped like a vessel, the lamp features a stainless steel and aluminum build. The silver gray exterior boasts an elegant matte finish, while the interior gleams with a lustrous surface that enhances the brightness of the light. The interior of the lamp seems to turn golden as it reflects the hues of the flame.

Made with a cylindrical form, the lamp also features a tall, rounded handle with an indent at the top. The elongated metal handle allows the user to either suspend the lamp or to carry it with ease. Thanks to the compact size and outdoor-friendly materials, Holocene No.4 suits both living rooms and bedrooms as well as gardens. It can also stand on its own, whether on a table or on the floor. You can find the Holocene collection now in Wästberg’s online shop. This John Pawson design costs €366, or around $440. Photographs© Gilbert McCarragher.

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