The Founder Clock by Lemnos

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A minimalist clock that celebrates the craft of metal casting.

Japanese brand Lemnos makes timeless clocks that represent masterful craftsmanship as well as timeless design. From ultra-minimalist timepieces to playful table clocks inspired by postmodern architecture and elegantly simple wall clocks made of recycled colored paper and wood, the brand’s collection puts the passage of time in a new light. The Founder Clock is no exception. Designed by Kazuya Koike, this wall clock perfectly embodies Lemnos’ mission of combining technical expertise and design.

The clock celebrates the art and craft of metal casting. Even its name alludes to the technique, as “founder” also means a cast metal worker. Crafted by hand from cast aluminum, each clock comes to life in the city of Takaoka, Japan. After the molds cool, the clocks go into Lemnos’ factory where craftsmen polish the numbers by hand. As a result, the Founder Clock boasts a chrome finish that makes the Arabic numbers stand out like embossed elements against the matte and textured surface of the clock’s face. Designed without any other decorations, the clock is both elegant and versatile. The simple design complements any living space or office setting while also putting a focus on the beauty of the cast aluminum. Available in White and Aluminum versions, the Founder Clock will be available soon in the Gessato Design Store.

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Founder Clock

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