An elegant indoor/outdoor table made from marble and concrete.

Founded in 1939, Retegui produces marble furniture and home accessories with a blend of traditional techniques and 3D technology. Using state-of-the-art equipment, master craftsmen can make marble objects with great precision. The company also specializes in sophisticated techniques that combine marble with various industrial materials, resulting in high-end furniture and accessories that offer the best of both worlds. The Albeo Table is no exception.

Designed by design studio Iratzoki Lizaso for the Retegui collection, this table complements the beauty of natural marble with concrete. More than just an elegant design, Albeo showcases the company’s technical know-how and innovative approach to furniture manufacturing. The table features UHPFRC concrete, a type of material used in architecture for freestanding, lightweight structures that don’t require metal reinforcement. This ultra-high performance, fiber-reinforced concrete is extremely durable and strong as well as versatile.

Retegui molded the material into rounded legs and created a hand-drawn honeycomb structure that supports the thin marble top. The legs fit into the honeycomb grid perfectly and allow the brand to ship the table flat-packed. Made with modern living spaces in mind, the Albeo table suits both indoor and outdoor areas. The design comes in either light or dark colors, with three shades of concrete complementing the hues of natural marble. Retgeui offers the design as a larger dining table or as a round coffee table. Photographs© Retegui.

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