A custom build with a rebel spirit.

After customizing a vintage gem, Los Angeles-based company ICON 4×4’s did it again with another retro treasure that is truly one-of-a-kind. This time, the company partnered with renowned photographer Shane Russeck on a special campaign. Since the “Derelict” 1966 Ford Bronco embodies freedom and a rebel spirit, ICON and Russeck drew inspiration from Ford’s 1966 ad campaign to create a limited-edition photo. Titled “American Horse Power”, the image shows the classic Bronco with a herd of wild mustangs in Central California. The 150 gallery-quality 24×36 prints are all signed and numbered, with $100 from each sale going directly to the American Wild Horse Campaign. Find out more and order yours from the photographer’s website. To reach to the point of riding alongside wild horses, the car underwent a thoughtful, complex, but also fun upgrading and customizing process.

“We bought the truck from its original owner. It was way too cool for our normal process and had to be a Derelict,” says ICON Founder/Lead Designer Jonathan Ward. A rare 1966 Roadster, the car had no top, doors, heater, or radio. ICON decided to preserve the pared-down look faithfully. Using ingenious tactics to keep the vehicle’s authenticity, the team also enhanced the range of modern features. For example, ICON installed a factory knob for the hidden Focal speakers that are also Bluetooth-compatible.

An impressive attention to detail influenced the build of the classic Bronco. “It’s made to look like we did absolutely nothing from the exterior,” Jonathan Ward explains. “That sounds easy, but it’s actually harder than our normal process. We had to be very forensic. We also faux patina-painted some of the new components, like the modified Tuffy center console and adjustable Ididit steering column. That ‘faux’ concept hurts my brain, but it actually works when done right,” he adds.

If this ICON Derelict BR kept its vintage good-looks, under the outer layer it has many new features. The rigid frame co-engineered with Art Morrison Enterprises comes with a modern suspension, Dynatrac ProRock axles, as well as Eibach coil springs and Fox shocks. Bremobo and ICON engineered a Sport Brake system with a hydroboost. The car features 33-inch BFGoodrich all-terrain tires and 18-inch alloy wheels that also boast period-looking hubcaps. In terms of power, this classic Bronco features a 426-hp Mustang GT 5.0L Coyote engine with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Finishing touches include a heat-treated polyuria material coated on the both sides of the floorboard, a white top for that classic touch, and re-upholstered seat with period-correct silver gray vinyl. However, one detail instantly pops out: a rear seat, which ICON added to allow the owner to ride with friends. Photographs© Shane Russeck, ICON 4×4.

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