A series of vases specially designed to help you grow oak and avocado trees.

London-based Ilex Studio has been making sustainable products that celebrate nature since 2018. Apart from highlighting the beauty of nature, the studio’s collection also encourages users to nurture, grow and plant trees. The Acorn Vase and Avocado Vase showcase this point perfectly. Crafted from glass, the vessels have a rounded, spherical base and a narrow neck. This ingenious design keeps most of the seed dry and above the water. As only the seed’s bottom touches the liquid, this allow the roots to sprout and then grow freely. The glass also has a magnifying effect, which results in mesmerizing objects that give a perfect view of the sprouting and root growing process. Specially made to give the plants the best chance at growing old, the Ilex Studio vases provide room for the roots to become strong enough for planting.

While both versions have the same shape, the acorn vase is slightly smaller. Ilex Studio offers both vessels in clear and in colored versions. The vibrant hues include burnt orange and emerald green as well as lapis blue, grass green, and rose pink. Customers also receive a booklet with their vase. The included info helps customers not only germinate the seeds, but also grow – and then plant – oak or avocado trees. The Ilex Studio collection also includes tree-inspired candles. The hand cast candles are made from 100% beeswax and have branch-like shapes. Made in nine colors, the Ilex Studio candles come with a handbook and a beautiful screen-printed, handmade box made of post-consumer recycled card. The studio’s products also include beautifully illustrated, nature-themed posters and postcards, tote bags, a children’s book, and maps that chronicle historic, old, and rare trees from NYC and London. Photographs © Ilex Studio.

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