The tools of the modern professional have changed dramatically in the past 20 years, but the bags we use to transport these essentials haven’t seemed to catch up yet. While the businessman of the past could survive with a suave briefcase in hand, the creative minds of today need bags that can transport laptops, tablets, and other design tools resourcefully. Standard backpacks may come closest to meeting this need, but are often bulky, feature pockets and dividers that can do more harm than good, and simply never work well with a professional’s outfit (just think of anytime you’ve seen a man in a suit with a backpack that it looks like he’s had since high school).

Don’t be fooled, this minimalism doesn’t translate to simplicity, as each bag is fitted with subtle arrays of pockets and sleeves to provide both flexibility and efficiency.

This is where Lithuanian-based design firm px comes in, offering elegant solutions for every need in their 2016 Invisible Bag collection. Reimagining the four archetypes of a backpack, messenger, tote and duffel, px has created intelligently executed bags with a stylish minimalism that match any outfit the urban professional can throw at them. But don’t be fooled, this minimalism doesn’t translate to simplicity, as each bag is fitted with subtle arrays of pockets and sleeves to provide both flexibility and efficiency. And unlike the pockets one may find on a traditional bag, these are tailored to the needs of a designer, rethinking not just how they store their tools but how they access them. The backpack, messenger and tote each feature quick access pockets for sketchbooks, cell phones or anything you may grab on the go, a padded laptop compartment, and an expandable inner divider that when not in use won’t crowd the main compartment’s space. The backpack also has a secret side pocket that can fit a regular size water bottle or beverage, but uses the same zipper of a normal compartment to fit whatever use you can think of. The duffel can hold an astonishing 60L in its main compartment, and also features an inner pouch for smaller items like headphones. On top of their remarkably subtle elegance, each bag is made of 800D nylon to keep rain and weather out, so the city can be your playing field. These bags find a wonderful balance between technicality and beauty, blending in like a chameleon to match the protean nature of the modern professional, and while they may stay out of sight they’ll never be out of mind. Buy here

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Amid the unrest of earning his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from RISD, Nathaniel manages to find the time to read, write, hang out with friends, play drums, and listen to music. Nathaniel has learned a lot about architecture firsthand thanks to opportunities to live and work in Rome and Brooklyn during the past year. Coming from a family with strong roots in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Nathaniel has always maintained a strong love for NYC especially, and after his studies finish up in Providence he may move there for a while. He hasn't decided yet. You can connect with him via Linkedin or by visiting his Portfolio page.

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