JAK Atlas, A Collector’s Edition of Minimalist Sneakers

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A collection of minimalist sneakers that pay homage to the iconic silhouette of 1970s court shoes.

Based in Lisbon, JAK is an independent sneaker brand that makes beautifully crafted leather shoes. Designed and made in Portugal, the company’s collection features timeless designs that complement a durable build. JAK works with family-owned factories to make each pair of shoes, thus ensuring their high quality. Thank to their direct-to-consumer model, they can also offer a fair price for their premium footwear. Their latest line takes things up a level. Named JAK Atlas, this is the brand’s first collector’s edition. It features minimalist, mid-top sneakers that draw inspiration from the beloved silhouette of the basketball court shoes of the ‘70s, but reinterpret it with a stylish twist. Limited to only 210 pairs, each sneaker is one of a kind and has a distinctive detail.

To make the line, the brand spent several months searching for the right materials that are not only premium quality but also sustainable. As a result, this range features the finest leather uppers made with environmentally friendly tanning processes. Natural hevea milk soles from LACTAE HEVEA® complete the exclusive designs and enhance comfort further with their alveolar micro-structure. Each pair of JAK Atlas sneakers takes three weeks to make and features a bespoke engraving in the interior. Available in three colors, the sneakers cost €240, or about $260. They come with an exclusive cotton bag with a custom design for the first edition; an authenticity card with an exclusive number; and an extra pair of color laces. Photographs© JAK Shoes.

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