Ergonomic public benches inspired by bumper cars.

Most urban furniture has a ubiquitous design that makes it almost disappear into the background. La Vogue, however, brings a sense of playfulness to public spaces. Designed by Paris-based design studio Jean Couvreur and made by TF Urban – Tôlerie Forezienne, this urban bench has a fun design that takes inspiration from funfairs. More specifically, from bumper cars. Jean Couvreur created the bench for the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2022 and Banc d’essai, an event where designers and furniture brands come together to create street furniture that revitalizes public spaces. La Vogue takes its name after a popular festival and funfair from the Rhône Alpes region. Specially designed to transform urban areas into places of celebration and fun, the bench features an organic form that also optimizes comfort.

The ergonomic seat provides room for two people to sit in complete comfort, in a lounge position. Arranged in a specific configuration, several La Vogue benches recreate the track of a merry-go-round. At the same time, they provide access to different views of the urban surroundings. Crafted to last, the bench features a steel frame and solid wood slats that create a comfortable seat. The central part also retracts thanks to a hidden mechanism, which allows easy installation and maintenance. Each bench boasts a baked epoxy powder finish that protects the metal parts from corrosion, wear, and the elements. Finally, the TF Urban team can assemble and install La Vogue anywhere in France and across Europe. Photography © Jean Couvreur and TF Urban – Tôlerie Forezienne.

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