A sustainable design that replaces the standard hinges with magnetic 3D-printed temples.

Created by designer Marc Sapetti in collaboration with Arthur Carvalho Vieira, the MagLeg glasses have an ingenious design that offers a clever solution to a common problem: breakage. Sapetti was inspired to design MagLeg after his three-year-old daughter broke his glasses two times in a row. Made with a modular system that uses magnets, these glasses allow for unrestricted movement of the temples but also eliminate the risk of breakage. The 3D-printed eyewear boasts built-in magnets in the frame instead of standard hinges. As a result, the legs simply break away in case of an accident and easily attach again to the frame, without requiring the user to purchase an entirely new pair of glasses.

The eyewear also features a small magnet on each leg to keep the glasses neatly closed when not in use. To ensure that the owner doesn’t accidentally attach the temples on the wrong sides, Marc Sapetti used opposite polarity magnets. The ergonomic design fits most faces perfectly, but these glasses also allow adjustments and customization. Both the frame and the legs come in different colors and sizes to mix and match styles. Plus, the patented modular design offers an easy solution to replace individual parts if needed, making these glasses sustainable. While MagLeg feature a 3D-printed nylon build, the design also suits plastic injection techniques for high-volume production. Images© Arthur Carvalho Vieira.

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