An innovative coffee maker that makes flavorful cold brew coffee in only 90 seconds.

Following on the footsteps of the innovative Osma portable coffee brewer, Osma Pro revolutionizes cold brewing with a cutting-edge design and patent-pending technology. Developed by designer Joey Roth, who worked closely with roastery Chromatic Coffee, Osma Pro makes the most of the ground coffee beans. Unlike hot brewing that destroys the heat-sensitive flavors or traditional cold brewing that loses the more volatile, time-sensitive aromas due to a long process that can take up to 24 hours, Osma preserves both types of compounds from coffee beans. And it does it in 90 seconds.

The concept moves firmly away from classic cold brewing methods with an innovative design and patent-pending technology. Osma uses acoustic cavitation to extract the widest range of flavors from coffee with a cold brewing method. As a result, the iced coffee has the crema of espressos and the smooth flavor of a cold brew. The microcavitation process uses water re-circulation, pressure, and acoustic cavitation to extract a full-boodied aroma from coffee. At the same time, it creates crema-like micro-bbubles. The ingenious coffee brewer can make up to 12 oz of ice coffee at a time, in under two minutes. Users can also brew 3 oz espresso shots that take the intensity of the flavors to the max.

Plus, the machine looks good. It features an angular silhouette with clean lines as well as a rounded lever with a polished finish that complements the matte CNC-machined aluminum build. Made in Oregon in a first limited run of 1000, each Osma Pro is individually numbered. The brewer comes with a 58 mm E61 portafilter, a 21 g portafilter basket, and a 58 mm tamper. The Osma Pro costs $695, with shipping starting from September 2021. Photography© Osma.

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