Created to enhance the ambiance of a room, striker matches and match strikers collaborate to ignite anything from candles and incense to perfume diffusers or wood logs in a fireplace. These versatile pieces, including ceramic match strikers and glass match strikers, can also double as ashtrays, making them an essential part of your home decor. Ideal for placement on a designer table or near an iconic armchair, our interior designer-approved collection of match strikers is designed with minimalism and durability in mind. Let’s explore some common questions about match strikers and striker matches:

What are match strikers?

Match strikers are specially designed to replace traditional paper matchbooks. They are crafted from a variety of materials, such as cast iron, concrete, porcelain, ceramic, or English sterling silver, and come in various sizes and shapes. These match strikers work with strike-anywhere matches, as their textured surface provides friction to ignite the match. Often, they also function as match holders and may include an integrated tray or container for used matches.

Can you strike a match on pottery?

Yes, you can strike a match on pottery with a rough, textured finish, as it provides the necessary friction for strike-anywhere matches. Ceramic match strikers are a popular choice for this purpose. If the pottery has a smooth, glazed finish, it usually features a striker strip on the body or a striker pad on the bottom. However, regular matches will not work on pottery, as they require a specially prepared striking surface found on matchboxes or matchbooks.

Is the weight important?

The weight of a match striker is important, as it affects the user experience. Heavier objects stay in place, allowing you to strike a match using only one hand. Some designs with striker pads on the bottom can be lighter, but the match striker should still be weighty enough to remain stable when holding a large number of matches.

What kind of matches are best?

Strike-anywhere matches are the best choice for match strikers because they contain highly combustible chemicals in their head. These matches can be lit on any rough surface, including rocks. Regular matches only ignite when used on a specially prepared surface, so they are not compatible with standard match strikers. While strike-anywhere matches are becoming increasingly harder to find in the US, we recommend Diamond Strike Anywhere “Greenlight” matches.

Our vintage match striker options add a timeless charm to any space, providing an elegant touch to your interior design. With a wide range of materials and styles, including ceramic match strikers, glass, porcelain, and English sterling silver, our match striker collection offers something for everyone.


Red Cloud Fireplace Match Cloche

A design inspired by snow globes.

Fire and the memory of snow come together in the Red Cloud Fireplace Match Cloche from Skeem Design. While the original cloche took inspiration from vintage cloches used to protect seedlings, this one boasts a frosted, gradient finish that references snow globes and window panes in winter. Made from hand-blown glass, the cloche comes with a natural cork stopper. On one side, there’s a strike-on-bottle flint, which allows the user to easily light a match in one smooth movement. The Skeem Design Red Cloud Fireplace Match Cloche also comes with 120 red-tipped matches.

Buy $54

Anyon Atelier Brass Match Strikers

A solid brass match striker.

For lovers of industrial style, the Anyon Atelier Brass Match Strikers are a perfect choice. Designed with a simple, cylindrical shape, they feature a knurling pattern that runs across the exterior. The interior provides space for matches. Available in two sizes, small and large, these match strikers are made in Los Angeles from brass. Over time, the matches will leave marks, which are easy to clean with a damp cloth. As for the brass itself, it will develop a beautiful patina. The Brass Match Strikers work with strike anywhere striker matches only. This product was also featured in The New York Times.

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Areaware Match Striker with Holder

A beautifully textured cast iron match striker.

Designed by Josh Owen for Areaware, the Match Striker with Holder is as practical as it is beautiful. It features a texture that reminds of burned coiled rope. This circular pattern allows the user to ignite matches quickly and reliably. While the top offers room for new matches, the base doubles as a tray for used matches. Crafted from cast iron, the Match Striker with Holder is extremely durable. It’s also easy to maintain looking like new with a soft cloth and a few drops of olive oil that remove the marks left by the matches. Like other match strikers from our list, this one also works with strike anywhere matches only.

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Craighill Match Striker

A cast iron design with a weighty feel.

Perfectly balanced, the Craighill Match striker is carefully crafted from solid cast iron to make lighting a match as comfortable as possible. Minimalist and elegantly rounded, this product boasts a deep knurling pattern for optimal friction. The texture and the weight of the match striker allow the user to easily strike a match with one hand in one fluid motion. Matches can go in the interior for storage and for easy reach for when the inspiration to change the room’s mood takes hold, whether it’s with a candle or incense. This design works with strike anywhere matches only and it’s easy to clean with a damp, soft cloth.

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Farmhouse Pottery Devo Match Striker

A blend of dainty porcelain and strength.

Made with a specially blended stoneware, the Devo match striker from Farmhouse Pottery might be the most classically elegant product from our list. Like a piece of fine bone china, it doubles as a decorative object. Devo features a rounded shape with a dual chamber design that provides space for new matches and burned ones. The stoneware is not ordinary, as it allows the user to strike matches directly on its surface. Devo is wheel thrown in Vermont and made from American stoneware. This product comes with a pack of strike anywhere striker matches.

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Aerin Round Match Striker

A stylish design.

Part of the Aerin collection, this match striker stands out with its subtly textured finish and warm golden color. Made with an ancient, artisanal technique, this solid brass object has an organic pitted surface. The interior compartment is generously sized to hold a large bunch of standard matches, keeping them close at hand. Plus, its elegantly rounded shape and gold color make this product look more like a decorative object. Crafted from solid brass, this round match striker works with strike anywhere striker matches.

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Settlewell Concrete Match Striker

A minimalist concrete product.

A great gift for a fan of brutalism, the Concrete Match Striker from Settlewell is beautifully crafted by hand from concrete. These match strikers also have a minimalist design, with a simple cylindrical shape highlighting the textures and gray hues of concrete. This product also adds a bold accent to a table or shelf. To light a match, simply strike matches on the base that provides enough friction to set matches alight. Made in the USA, this concrete match striker comes with 50 strike anywhere matches. Plus, the vessel is easy to re-purpose and use as a container, small vase, or candle holder.

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Strike Up Match Holder + Striker

A match striker inspired by railways cars.

Simple yet bold, the Fruitsuper Strike Up match holder and striker is a great addition to any living room, bedroom, or bathroom. It’s made in the USA from solid aluminum, which means that it’s rust-proof and durable. Crafted with a sand-casting method, the match striker has a textured surface. The shape references the striking plates mounted inside railway cars, but we also see the resemblance to a volcano. The surface offers friction to light matches quickly, while the inside is hollow to hold a few matches. This product works with strike anywhere matches only and comes in two versions: Black and Raw Aluminum.

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Masterman Ceramics Match Striker

A vibrant design.

The most vibrant product from our list of match strikers, this one from Masterman Ceramics is as pretty as it is practical. Handmade from quality stoneware, it features a striped pattern in yellow, orange, red, and light blue colors. A translucent matte glaze completes the design. The base has a textured surface and it’s there that the user needs to strike matches to light them up. Finally, the interior has room for a pack of matches. Great as a gift for someone who loves contemporary ceramic designs.

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Terrazzo Matchstick Holder

A terrazzo concrete matchstick holder.

Individually hand-cast with custom rubber molds, these Matchstick Holders from Pretti.Cool are all one of a kind. To make them, the company uses a blend of concrete and recycled glass to create a terrazzo-like texture with tiny speckles. On the base, a cork layer keeps the match striker in place while the user lights a match. This design suits any room, including bathrooms, and can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth, mild soap and water. You can choose between five colors: Black, White, Coral, Cobalt, and Marigold. This collection works with strike anywhere matches.

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Houseplant Pebble Match Strike

A design inspired by beach pebbles.

This decorative design offers a great way to create a focal point in a room. Part of the Houseplant collection, the Pebble Match Strike is beautiful and sculptural. The design references the smooth, rounded shapes of beach or river pebbles. Crafted from sturdy cast iron, the two objects have an incredibly tactile surface. They stack together in an eye-catching composition when not in use. The user can place new matches in the larger match striker, and used matches and ashes in the smaller one. Solid and durable, the two vessels weigh around 5.5 lbs together. On the base, there’s a leather material that keeps the cast iron match strikers in place. Suitable to use with strike-anywhere matches only.

Buy $125

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