A clean and ultra-minimalist kitchen design.

Based in Jabbeke, Belgium, Diapal is an interior design studio and manufacturer of customizable kitchens, bathrooms, and bedroom furniture. The company has recently collaborated with designer Marie Stadsbader on an ultra-minimalist kitchen design. Boasting clean lines and seamless surfaces without any protruding handles or unnecessary decorations, this Diapal kitchen perfectly blends into modern living spaces. The design minimizes clutter with spacious drawers and cabinets providing plenty of space to store utensils and kitchen accessories. Offering a balance between simple elegance and efficiency, the design is also versatile; it complements both classic or contemporary interiors.

Apart from its minimalist good looks, this Diapal kitchen also features only quality materials. It comes either in natural travertine with organic textures and light colors or stainless steel with a clean, industrial look. However, clients can choose different materials and colors along with custom accents and features. Like all Diapal products, this kitchen is made in the company’s workshop in Jabbeke. The use of laser techniques allows the company to achieve a flawless finish, whether it’s a travertine kitchen island or a stainless steel food prep surface. Finally, all products come in optimized packaging that not only reduces waste but also better protects the contents in transit. Photographs© Cafeine.

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