The Kopi Deva Coffee Grinder

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A sustainably designed coffee grinder that draws inspiration from the efficiency of racing cars.

Founded by Australian motorsports engineer Brandon Wong, new UK-based company Kopi Concepts transforms coffee making into a highly precise operation. Their first product showcases this perfectly. Named Kopi Deva, this coffee grinder is engineered to produce the freshest, barista-style coffee with zero waste. Inspired by the efficiency of Formula One racing cars, the grinder has a single-dose design. This means that the user can grind only the required quantity of coffee at a time to maximize freshness and eliminate waste. Designed with both efficiency and coffee quality in mind, the grinder features 64mm flat burrs which are usually found only in high-end – and costly – coffee grinders.

Quality coffee with zero waste.

Apart from grinding the coffee beans evenly, Kopi Deva also boasts a stepless grind adjustment that offers complete control over the grinding process. Furthermore, the adjustable speed of the burrs from 200 and up to 1000 RPM provides even more control to allow the user to maximize the flavor of coffee. The short grind path also minimizes retention, along with patent-pending technology, to achieve the zero waste goal. Versatile and practical, the grinder suits any brewing method, including French press and espresso. The funnel can hold up to 30 grams, but the user can easily feed beans while grinding for larger batches.

Made with an integrated, 5000 mAh battery, Kopi Deva is conveniently cordless and thus portable. A fully charged battery lasts for up to 3kg of coffee beans, or around 6.6 lbs. This translates roughly to around 40 days of coffee bean grinding to make 4 double shot espressos per day. The battery charges completely in 2 hours; 4 LED lights allow the user to see the battery level at a glance. While everything in the Kopi Deva seems specially engineered for efficiency, this coffee grinder is also elegant and crafted to last a lifetime. It has a minimalist, aerospace-grade aluminum and stainless steel build with sustainably sourced, walnut or oak wood accents. The CNC-machined parts optimize performance and also minimize waste during manufacturing.

Launched through Kickstarter, this coffee grinder has made a triumphant entrance into the world of coffee. At the time of writing and with 34 days to go, the campaign has almost doubled its initial goal. The coffee grinder costs around $650 for non-UK residents, with delivery estimated for December, 2021. Photographs© Kopi Concepts.

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