Time passes invariably, yet our relationship with it changes – sometimes every day, and other times several times a day. In a digital world dominated by smartphones and smartwatches, there’s something comforting and homelike about a minimalist wall clock. Placed in a family kitchen, at the entrance to the home or in a dining room, a well-designed timepiece with an analog or a modern minimalist design can do much more than show the current time. Our selection of minimalist clock designs proves this once and for all and offers a convenient way to enhance your own home or workspace.

First, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these clocks.

What is a minimalist wall clock?

A minimalist wall clock is a timepiece that often has a subtle presence in a room thanks to a more understated design. These clocks can range from mid century modern to retro and contemporary, but they all share the same minimalist style. Some are frameless or don’t even have classic hour clock hands or minute markers.

What are the benefits of a minimalist wall clock?

A minimalist wall clock will enhance a home decor without being too bold or eye-catching. At the same time, these types of designs often enhance readability, which makes seeing the current time at a glance, even from a distance, easier. A modern wall clock will also complement a wide range of interior design styles.

What are some of the advantages of minimalistic wall clocks?

Minimalistic wall clocks look great anywhere, meaning that they can be used in classic, retro, or contemporary spaces, and they can be moved with ease into a new home, regardless of interior design. They also come in a wide variety of designs, ranging from ultra-minimalist to creative and artistic. Some of these clocks are also easy to use as wall art and decorative accents.

How many colors are in the minimalist wall clocks?

Minimalist clocks often come in neutral colors and in monochrome palettes. However, some designs use color to add a vibrant accent to a clean dial or to create a more artistic look. More often than not, these clocks come either in black or white. A metal wall clock can also feature warmer shades of golden brass, for example. Likewise, a wood wall clock may have a natural finish that lets the colors and textures of timber or plywood shine.

What is the best type of material for a minimalist wall clock?

This depends on the place you want to use the clock and the design itself. For example, a modern clock for a shared office would benefit from more hard-wearing materials like ABS resin or metal. For a residential space, natural wood and plywood are also great choice. As for the design, some clocks explore the creative potential of more unconventional materials like concrete or porcelain. In general, high-quality materials that are also lightweight and durable are a good choice for minimalist wall clocks.




Minimalist Wall Clock, Moheim Horn

Moheim Horn

A minimalist clock with a thin metal case.

Horn is a minimalist wall clock that subtly challenges the perception of the viewer. Designed by Mute for Moheim, this timepiece features a metal case that looks extra-thin, almost invisible when seen from the front, yet wide when seen from one side. The dial is simple and clear, with slender lines marking the hours and minutes. Handmade in Niigata, Japan, the Horn modern wall clock comes to life through traditional metal spinning techniques. It features a steel case and a durable acrylic front.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Gejst Momentt

Gejst Momentt

A design that alludes to meaningful moments.

All the examples from our list of minimalist wall clock designs have something special. Take Momentt, for example. Designed by award-winning studio Böttcher & Kayser, this Gejst clock references the moments when we forget about the passage of time. The acrylic glass is translucent and makes the hands appear blurry on the dial. The case also has the shape of a funnel, reminding of a speaker. This version of the clock highlights the idea behind the design with a black finish for both the case and the dial, which puts the focus on the blurry hour and minute hands. However, if you prefer a lighter version, Momentt also comes with a white dial.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Kehai

Lemnos Kehai

A minimalist clock inspired by mindfulness.

The Lemnos Kehai clock also puts the focus on the things that matter with an imaginative design. Taking inspiration from the concept of mindfulness, this timepiece features frosted glass that blurs the dial. Designer Makoto Koizumi created the minimalist clock like an abstract artwork. The hour and minute hands are two unconnected rectangular forms, while a red dot represents the second hand. Like many other Lemnos clocks, this silent wall clock comes with a quiet sweep second movement, making it ideal for bedrooms and offices, in equal measure. Handmade in Japan.

Buy $170

Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Campagne

Lemnos Campagne

A classic and versatile design.

The tranquility of a pastoral setting provided the source of inspiration for the Campagne clock. Named after the French word for “countryside”, this modern wall clock aims to show the passage of time in a more calm, relaxed way. The clean dial is simple and beautiful at the same time. The dial features two slightly tapered hands and the hour markers pushed to the edge of the clock face. Made by hand in Japan, Campagne comes with a beech wood case that boasts a natural oil finish that enhances the textures of the natural material. A glass front completes this high-quality product.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Founder Clock

Lemnos Founder Clock

An industrial-style design inspired metal casting techniques.

Designed by Kazuya Koike for Japanese brand Lemnos, the Founder Clock celebrates traditional metal casting techniques. It’s also a design that perfectly suits industrial style lovers as it’s made from cast aluminum. Each metal wall clock is carefully handmade in Japan by experienced artisans. The dial boasts embossed Arabic numerals and two bold rectangular hands. After metal casting the dial, craftsmen then polish the numerals by hand to give them a luminous finish, which makes them stand out against the coarser texture of the dial.

Buy $350

Minimalist Wall Clock, Ferm Living Trace

Ferm Living Trace

A minimalist wall clock without hours.

Part of the Ferm Living collection, Trace is one of the most minimalist wall clocks you can find. That’s because this design focuses on only the essentials, reducing the concept of time to two hands that move across a black dial. Featuring no hours or even line markers, the clock highlights the importance of focusing on the essentials. Beautifully made, Trace is crafted from blackened steel and comes with brass plated metal hands. A circular hook with a thin rod gives an elegant finishing touch to the design and keep the clock suspended on a wall.

Buy $245

Minimalist Wall Clock, 22 Design Studio 4th Dimension Concrete Clock

22 Design Studio 4th Dimension Concrete Clock

A concrete wall clock.

Time and space meet brutalism in the 4th Dimension Concrete Clock. Taiwan-based design firm and brand 22 Design Studio explores the potential of concrete in objects as varied as timepieces and writing tools. Here, concrete helps to create an architectural element that captures the passage of time in a dynamic way. The dial features a spiral staircase with triangular steps that correspond to the hours. The play between light and shadow also enhance the design. Perfect for fans of architecture and creative product design, this minimalist wall clock is ideal for residential spaces or offices.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Riki Steel Clock White

Lemnos Riki Steel Clock White

A clock created by an iconic Japanese designer.

Designed by Riki Watanabe, a pioneer of Japanese modernism, this minimalist wall clock is a must-have for design lovers. The timepiece takes inspiration from Watanabe’s smaller personal clocks introduced in Japan in 1977. As a result, the modern design of the Lemnos Riki Steel Clock features Arabic numerals closer to the center of the dial. Longer line markers enhance the effect, making the dial look smaller. In addition, the minute and second hand extend further than usual, with the hour hand designed with a standard length. This handmade clock also features a non ticking sweep second hand that moves silently.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Soso

Lemnos Soso

A playful design.

Part of the Lemnos collection, the Soso round wall clock offers a playful take on classic designs. AWATSUJI design has created the timepiece with a fun dial that is both creative and easier to read. The numbers are arranged close to the center, with a wider border giving a minimalist look to the design. The white hour hand has a wider shape, while the minute and silent sweep second hand are thin. Handcrafted in Japan, this wood wall clock has a plywood case, a glass front, and comes with a Japanese movement.

Buy $120

Minimalist Wall Clock, Stelton Time Large Wall Clock

Stelton Time Large Wall Clock

A clock inspired by the concept of the wheel of time.

Minimalist doesn’t mean boring. Take the Stelton Time Large Wall Clock, for example. Inspired by the wheel of time concept, the clock also reminds of a steering wheel with its imaginative design. The clock is simple, featuring a circular shape with an integrated minute hand. As time passes, the entire face moves with the minute hand. The other hand only moves when one hour has passed. Made from aluminum, this minimalist wall clock features a matte black finish. Perfect for adding an eye-catching accent to a kitchen, living room or office. This frameless decorative clock comes with an included AA battery.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Riki Steel Clock Black

Lemnos Riki Steel Clock Black

A darker version of a popular design.

Like the white version of the same design, the Riki Steel Clock offers a fresh twist on Riki Watanabe’s timepieces from 1977. This clock features an elegantly simple dial that plays with the viewers perception. The numbers stay closer to the center of the dial instead of the border, making the clock seem smaller. The hour hand has a standard size, but the other two hands reach the edge of the dial. Made of steel, glass and ABS resin, this wall clock has a classic black and white palette. Handmade in Japan, this timepiece comes with an electric movement and a silent sweep second hand.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Quaint Black

Lemnos Quaint Black

A contemporary design inspired by old clock towers.

Japanese designer Shin Azumi looked to old clock towers for inspiration to create Quaint for Lemnos. At the same time, this timepiece celebrates traditional brass casting and coloring techniques from Toyama, Japan. Handmade, this minimalist wall clock features a cast brass dial with embossed markers polished to a golden hue. Richly textured, the dial has an antique-like look and feel. Two golden hands show the current time, standing out on the darker brass dial. A Japanese electric movement keeps the time with precision. Elegant and versatile, this clock looks at home anywhere, from family living rooms to corporate offices.

Buy $720

Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Numbers Clock M

Lemnos Numbers Clock M

A minimalist clock that puts the focus on readability.

Featuring larger numbers and line markers, this clock from the Lemnos collection allows you to see the time at a glance, even from a distance. Designer Yota Kakuda put the focus on clarity and readability with the Numbers clock. A bold font makes the hours stand out, while the hands are extra wide. A sweep second hand moves smoothly on the dial, in complete silence. As high-quality as it is eye-catching, this clock is handmade in Toyama, Japan. It features a plywood case, a glass front, and a Japanese movement.

Buy $150

Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Bookend

Lemnos Bookend

A fun twist on cuckoo clocks.

Designed by Nendo for Lemnos, this clock offers a new take on vintage cuckoo clocks and it’s also multi-functional. Apart from showing the time, this timepiece doubles as a bookend and a decorative piece. The house-shaped clock features an opening at the top where a cuckoo lives. A removable section allows the user to divide the decorative clock into two parts and use it as a fun bookend. A two-step volume control system with a light sensor provides an easy way to adjust the audio. Handmade in Japan, the Lemnos Bookend clock comes with a Japanese cedar veneer MDF case painted white. Perfect as a housewarming gift.

Buy $540

Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Molecule

Lemnos Molecule

A minimalist wall clock inspired by atoms.

Another creative Nendo design, the Lemnos Molecule clock cleverly uses science to display the passage of time. The dial doesn’t have any standard numbers or lettering. Instead, circular elements that reference an atom’s electron configuration indicate the hours. The design also takes inspiration from Earth’s rotation. The dial features small dots that indicate the minutes and two slender black hands. Like other Lemnos products, this clock is handmade in Japan and comes with a quality Japanese movement. An ideal gift for a science lover who is also a contemporary design fan.

Buy $100

Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Kifuku

Lemnos Kifuku

A clock reminiscent of folded paper.

Light and almost ethereal, the Kifuku clock from the Lemnos collection references traditional sun dials in an elegant design. Noriko Hashida created the dial with a minimalist look that reminds of folded paper. Made by hand from porcelain, the clock boasts twelve indentations that replace the standard hour markers. When light hits the dial, the lines become more or less visible, depending on the viewing angle. The dial features three stainless steel hands, including a sweep second hand that moves smoothly without making a sound.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Drops Draw the Existence

Lemnos Drops Draw the Existence

A clock inspired by rain drops.

Another light and minimalist wall clock from Lemnos, this design takes inspiration from rain. More specifically, from the impressions left by drops of rainwater as they hit soft surfaces or earth, which designer Kanae Tsukamoto referenced in the creative dial. Doubling as a decorative wall piece, the Drops Draw the Existence clock is handcrafted from porcelain. It features twelve round dents that indicate the hours and three thin hands made of stainless steel, designed with a tubular shape. This clock has a sweep second movement, meaning that it stays silent.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Divide

Lemnos Divide

A new way to see time.

Some minimalist wall clocks feature simple dials with no hour indicators or even standard hands. Others show you the time in a completely different way. Divide from the Lemnos collection is a perfect example. Designed by Nendo, this wall clock features single lines divided into different segments, which show the hours. Contrasting hands in a black finish enhance the readability of the dial. Perfect for offices, kitchens, and living rooms in equal measure, this clock is also crafted to last. It’s carefully handmade in Toyama, Japan, from ABS resin and has a white finish.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Carved 240 Arabic

Lemnos Carved 240 Arabic

A beautifully sculpted dial.

Designed by Naoki Terada, the Lemnos Carved clock has won prestigious awards, including the Good Design Award. Like other minimalist clocks from our list, this design offers a fresh take on the classic wall timepiece. Instead of standard hour markers, the clock features carved Arabic numerals that have their top cut off as they extend over the edge of the dial. Made in Japan from mineral-based artificial wood, this clock has a white finish that highlights the elegant simplicity of the design.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Aggressive

Lemnos Aggressive

A clock that doubles as a wall sculpture.

Doubling as wall art, the Aggressive wall clock from Lemnos is as creative as it is stylish. Designer Kanaé Tsukamoto has created the timepiece with a rectangular form and a pure white finish. Dots in relief create a symmetric pattern across the dial. Thin tubular hands made of stainless steel add an elegant finishing touch, with the sweep second hand moving in a continuous motion and in complete silence. Crafted by hand, this clock is skillfully made from white porcelain. Great as a gift for a design lover and fan of minimalism.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Lemnos Carved Wood Birch Small

Lemnos Carved Wood Birch Small

A wood version of the Carved series.

Part of the award-winning Carved series, this minimalist wall clock enhances the range’s signature design with the beauty of wood. Designer Naoki Terada created the Carved collection for Japanese brand Lemnos. Like the original version, this clock features the hours carved on the edge of the dial. In this version, white birch plywood gives a tactile feel to the minimal dial thanks to a blend of organic textures and light, natural colors. Perfect to add a creative accent to a room, this clock suits any residential space or office.

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Minimalist Wall Clock, Leff Amsterdam Scope Clock Natural

Leff Amsterdam Scope Clock Natural

A beautifully designed solid wood clock.

Designed by Erwin Termaat, co-founder of LEFF Amsterdam, the Scope wooden wall clock puts time in a new perspective with a spiral staircase-like dial. Made from wood, this handmade timepiece is naturally beautiful, adding a warm accent to any wall. The twelve tilted sections look subtly different, depending on the viewing angle and lighting conditions. White hands and markers stand out against the timber dial. The Scope clock comes with a quality Japanese movement, to keep the time with accuracy.

Buy $230

Minimalist Wall Clock, Jasper Morrison Wall Clock

Jasper Morrison Wall Clock

A minimalist wall clock from an award-winning designer.

Award-winning designer Jasper Morrison created the Wall Clock in 2008, in classic Black and White versions. Since then, furniture, lighting and home accessories brand Hay has introduced two brighter colors: Dark Green and Light Blue. All four versions, however, perfectly showcase the designer’s signature minimalist style. Free of any unnecessary details, the dial is clean and easy to read. Although, that doesn’t mean it’s not creative. It features different hour markers than standard clock, at 0-2-4-6-8-10. The dial also boasts thicker hands and a contrasting second hand finished in red or yellow.

Buy $129

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