An innovative, award-winning design, the Aeon series revolutionizes the ubiquitous writing and sketching tool.

Hamburg-based, German design brand Stilform makes writing tools that not only look gorgeous and timeless, but also last a lifetime. Minimalist and beautiful, the products are crafted with metal components to be as durable as possible, making them ideal as gifts. The Stilform Aeon collection stands out with an innovative design that has won multiple international awards, including the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. The Aeon forever pencil comes with a metal tip that doesn’t wear down or need sharpening. Easy to use and comfortable to hold, this everlasting pencil series optimizes function in a sustainable design that also reduces waste. But how does this magic pencil work and what makes an inkless pen so durable?

What is a forever pencil?

A forever pencil is made with a metal alloy nib that doesn’t wear down over time and with use. It conveniently lasts a lifetime. These pencils don’t need sharpening and they also don’t require refills. They leave erasable marks like a standard pencil, but these marks resist water damage and don’t stain clothing or skin.

How do inkless pencils work?

An inkless pen or pencil uses a metal alloy tip instead of classic graphite. The metal alloy leaves gray marks on paper like a standard pencil, but these marks don’t smudge. However, they are erasable with a regular eraser.

Do inkless pens last forever?

A high-quality inkless pen should last a long, long time – the best should last at least a lifetime. Brands like Stilform use high-end materials to ensure the durability of their writing tools, from high-grade metals to extra-durable finishes like DLC. These types of pens, pencils and mechanical pens often have no plastic parts and some designs even allow easy repairs.

What is the ForeverPen made of?

The Forever Pen is made from a metal composite that also contains silver. Like this design, other everlasting pencil tools and forever ballpoint pens feature metal constructions that greatly extend their durability. Their metal tips don’t wear down with use, making them ideal for those who love eco-conscious designs and the principles of sustainability.

Stilform Aeon, forever pencil

What is the color of the ForeverPen?

A Forever Pen has a light gray, silver color and leaves gray marks on paper. As for the handle, the Forever Pen and other similar, everlasting pens, pencils and ballpoint pens usually offer the option to choose between different materials and finishes.

What are the benefits of using an inkless pen?

An inkless pen provides many benefits. Firstly, it lasts for many years and helps to reduce waste while also saving money on writing tools over time. Secondly, it doesn’t stain or smudge, and doesn’t leave marks on the skin or on sleeves. A pen that doesn’t use ink will never stain a pocket, for example.

Stilform Aeon, forever pencil

What are some advantages of inkless pens?

Inkless pens never need refills, which makes them more convenient, cheaper, and practical to use. Specially designed to last a long time, they feature quality materials and an extra-strong nib or tip. Similarly, and unlike classic mechanical pencils, an infinite pencil is also long-lasting and doesn’t require sharpening or refills.

The Stilform Aeon collection.

Designed with both timeless style and impressive durability in mind, the Stilform Aeon series comprises minimalist pencils that last a lifetime. The Aeon everlasting pencil has a top quality metal construction and a simple design that eliminates superfluous details. At the same time, the pen is extra-practical. It features a magnetic tip that allows the user to switch between the eternal tip and the graphite tip in seconds, with only one hand. Additionally, flat sides keep the magic pencil from rolling away on a flat surface. On these flat sections, the Stilform Aeon pencils feature elegant veneers that match and/or complement the color of the pencil.

Like the best infinity pencil designs and everlasting ballpoint pens, Aeon comes with an eternal tip that is smudge free and waterproof. Writing and sketching is easy, but the marks only stay on paper. Sleeves or skin remain clean, making the Stilform Aeon pencils a joy to use. Plus, the pencils’ markings are erasable like a 2H pencil. Made from a long-lasting metal alloy, the eternal tip is natural and non-toxic. The graphite tip leaves darker marks that make it more suitable for sketching.

Stilform Aeon, forever pencil

Quality materials that last.

Similarly to other Stilform products, including ballpoint pens and fountain pens, this infinity pencil series is crafted from quality materials. Aeon comes in high-grade aluminum, brass, magnesium, or titanium. Finishes range from matte to polished and from stone washed to radial brushed textures. The company also offers a range of colors for this infinite pencil collection. The aluminum range comes in classic gray and black as well as light pink, blue, and green. Titanium pencils come either in matte or polished finishes, with an extra durable dark gray DLC finish also available. Both the brass and the magnesium versions boast a brushed finish. Stilform also offers special finishes, including 24K gold and limited-edition colors. Find the Stilform Aeon series in the Gessato Design Store. Photographs © Stilform.

Stilform Aeon, forever pencil

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