The best contemporary floor lamps for living room spaces bring light where you need it but also enhance the home decor and look gorgeous for years. More than just an accent light or a lamp that can create a cozy reading spot on the sofa, a well-designed LED lamp can instantly elevate the way a room looks and feels. To prove this point, we have gathered some of the most stylish and imaginative but also minimalist floor lamp designs for modern spaces. From iconic lamps that have made history to fresh twists on classic concepts or artistic explorations of materiality, these designs re-imagine the minimalistic floor lamp as the centerpiece of any room decor.

As always, our selection is not focused on finding low priced items. We believe in good, high-quality craftsmanship and we promote buying products that work well and last for many years – often a lifetime. We’ve also included timeless designs created by renowned or up-and-coming designers because we believe that only through good design we can achieve true sustainability. #lessbutbetter

Before we begin, let’s go through some of the most pressing questions people have about minimalist floor lamps.


Why do you need a floor lamp?

A floor lamp provides illumination at eye level, helping to brighten a room more efficiently. A good LED floor lamp with minimum 500 lumens or an arc floor lamp can eliminate the need for table lamps or even overhead lighting, especially in a smaller room. Additionally, a minimalist floor lamp can provide all three types of lighting, from ambient to accent and task lighting.

What is the difference between a floor lamp and a table lamp?

The main difference between a floor lamp and a table lamp is their size. Floors lamps are tall and usually provide illumination at eye level, brightening a larger area of the room. An adjustable, minimalistic floor lamp offers a convenient way to direct the light and change the atmosphere of a room, whether you can adjust the direction of the light or the color temperature, too. A task floor lamp is perfect for offices while an arc floor lamp can easily provide direct lighting. Table lamps are perfect for task lighting for a desk or a bedside table, for example. Some designs even come with remote control systems or have practical foot switch dimming features.

What are the benefits of a floor lamp?

Apart from brightening the surrounding space, a beautifully designed floor lamp can make a room seem taller and more spacious. At the same time, it can enhance the entire home decor. Think an antique brass floor lamp in a minimalist setting or a DIY black floor lamp that adds contrast to a light, neutral palette. Or a reading floor lamp with a tactile drum shade that softens the light. An arc lamp has an arched stem, allowing users to direct the bright light to a table, desk or a sofa. A LED floor lamp – with or without remote control – is extremely energy efficient, making it a perfect choice for eco-conscious homes. Additionally, contemporary floor lamps for living room areas help to reduce eye strain by illuminating a broader area.

What type of floor lamp gives the most light?

If you want a corner floor lamp that is extra-bright, size often matters. Simply put, a larger, straight or arched floor lamp with an open shade will often provide more brightness than a smaller design with a lampshade that focuses the light to one spot only. Look for floor lamps with a bright LED light and large diffusers or with shades that allow the light to brighten a space from more than one direction. Keep in mind that an opaque glass shade can soften the light and reduce its brightness. Dimmable designs also allow you to adjust the brightness of the light with ease.

Where to place floor lamps?

The best position of a standing lamp depends on its function. If you want to use an arched lamp for a reading space, place it near a sofa or close to your favorite lounge chair with the bottom of the shade kept close to the eye level. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere in a room, use a corner floor lamp and adjust the shade to soften the light or distribute it more evenly. The best contemporary floor lamps for living room areas or dining spaces have practical designs that allow you to move them around easily when needed.

How many lamps in living room settings?

The number of required lamps depends on the size of the room they illuminate. Keep in mind that living rooms also have overhead lighting sources, a top light fixture, and/or table or wall lighting. A compact room may need only one minimalist floor lamp on top of a ceiling light source, while a large, open-plan area may require around four sources of light or more.

How to pack floor lamps for moving?

Packing floor lamps for a move may seem an easy task but it requires some planning. Before starting this DIY project, make sure you have the appropriate boxes and packaging paper or bubble wrap. Coil the cable or cord and secure it with a rubber band. Unscrew the light bulbs and wrap them in bubble wrap before placing them in an adequately-sized box to minimize movement or in a larger box with dividers. Wrap the lampshade in packing paper and place it in its own box with air-filled plastic padding or soft fabrics to fill in the gaps – this is especially important if the shade is made from a delicate material. Wrap the base and frame in packaging paper and/or air-filled plastic padding, depending on the material and finish. Finally, remember to label the separate boxes and wrapped items, so you can easily put them together again at your destination.

What is the average price of a floor lamp?

Floor lamp prices vary widely, but these lamps are usually more expensive than table lamps and wall sconces. On the lower end, you can find contemporary floor lamps for living room spaces from under $100. If you want a lamp created by a designer, you can expect the price to go up to several hundreds of dollars. In the higher price point category, which includes iconic designs, vintage lighting, and award-winning floor lamps, you can expect to pay over $1000 for a floor lamp. For example, the giant version of the renowned Type 1227 lamp from Anglepoise costs over $4000.



An elegant, Italian design.

Designed by Corrado Dotti for TOOY, Molly is as elegant as it is practical. This minimalist floor lamp features a circular base and a tubular frame that supports a painted dome shade. Made of plexiglass, the bight screen allows the light to spread out evenly. Available with a brushed nickel, brass, pewter, or copper finish, the Molly lamp offers a perfect solution to brighten up a room and infuse it with a touch of Italian style. Plus, this series also includes wall and table lamps along with ceiling pendant lights – if you want to coordinate your home’s lighting.

Buy $1125


Floor Reading Lamp

A simple and versatile floor lamp.

Part of Vipp collection, this Floor Reading Lamp fits into modern living spaces perfectly. An adjustable arm allows the user to focus the reading, while the perforated steel shade and matte glass help to create a soft, diffused glow. This floor lamp has a slender silhouette and versatile black finish. Internally routed, the braided power cord keeps the clean aesthetics of the lamp intact. Crafted from powder-coated aluminum and steel, stainless steel, glass, and silicone, this minimalist floor lamp is as durable as it is stylish. Plus, with a suitable light bulb and switch, this product is also dimmable.

Buy $600

AJ Floor Lamp

Iconic floor lamps modern style lovers will appreciate.

One of the most iconic modern floor lamps you can buy, the AJ series was created by renowned architect and designer Arne Jacobsen in 1960 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Made by Louis Poulsen, the AJ Floor Lamp version features a larger size compared to the original table light but has the same instantly recognizable shade. The flexible design provides an easy way to direct the light to a reading spot on a sofa or to the rest of the room. Made from die cast zinc, steel, and spun steel, the AJ Floor Lamp comes in a wide range of colors.

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Captain Flint

A refined floor lamp made with marble.

Stylish design and high-end materials make Captain Flint one of the best floor lamps lovers of minimalism will appreciate. Designed by Michael Anastassiades, this lamp feature a brushed brass stem and spinning cone with a golden color as well as a white Carrara marble base. The opal photoengraved PC diffuser softens the light, while the adjustable design allows the user to direct the light as needed. Finally, a foot switch with a dimming feature offers an easy way to turn this minimalist floor lamp on and off or to adjust the light intensity from 10% to 100%. While we love this golden brass/white marble version, Captain Flint also comes in painted anthracite steel and black Marquina marble.

Buy $1995

Floor Lamp A808

An elegant design created by a renowned designer.

If you’re looking for modern floor lamps that are also collectible designs, you can’t go wrong with the Floor Lamp A808. Designed by renowned designer Alvar Aalto in 1950, this stylish floor lamp will brighten any room in style. The metal base and stand feature a black or white leather cover, while the shade comes in polished brass or white painted steel. This minimalistic floor lamp comes in three versions: white, black, or polished brass. Regardless of color palette, it’s a timeless design that looks great anywhere, from living rooms to a home office or a bedroom.

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Random Light

A lamp designed with a fiberglass sphere.

A more artistic design, Random Light features a fiberglass shade with a filigree-like pattern. Designer Bertjan Pot created the lamp for Mooi in two versions: black and white. The lamp comes with either a matte chromed white steel base or a semi-gloss powder-coated black base. Seemingly spun around the opal glass diffuser, fiberglass coated in resin creates a perfect sphere with a translucent surface. When the lamp is switched on, light illuminates the sphere from within, highlighting the textures of the 3D fabric shade. Random Light comes in two sizes and suits both compact or larger rooms.

Buy $1486


Type 1227 Giant Floor Lamp

An oversized version of the world-renowned lamp.

Design is a big part of your life and now you can show it with the Type 1227 Giant Floor Lamp from Anglepoise. Originally designed and patented in 1932 by automotive engineer George Carwardine, the Anglepoise lamp system changed desk and floor lighting forever. This version also has a fun story behind it, as it was commissioned for the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Center. While only three lamps were made, the company decided to put the oversized lamp into production. This dimmable floor lamp has the signature Anglepoise adjustable swing arm mechanism, offering complete control over the height and position of the light, from direct to inderect in a similar fashion to torchiere lamps. It also features a stepless dimmer to allow the user to easily find the perfect light intensity.

Buy $4100

Arum Floor Lamp

An asymmetrical minimalist floor lamp with a travertine base.

Creative and distinctive, the Arum Floor Lamp has a sculptural presence thanks to a tubular base and an asymmetrical, petal-shaped shade. Part of the Ferm Living collection, this contemporary floor lamp complements its good looks with quality materials. The cylindrical base is made of travertine, while the stem and shade are made of aluminum and iron. Curved in a petal shape, the shade boasts a white interior that helps to distribute a softer ambient light more evenly. This minimalistic floor lamp comes in Cashmere and Black versions.

Buy $850

Lean Floor Lamp

An industrial-style lamp inspired by 1950s Scandinavian designs.

The best contemporary floor lamps for living room areas are creatively designed but also versatile. Like the Lean Floor Lamp from Swedish lighting brand Örsjö. Drawing inspiration from 1950s Scandinavian design, designer Jenny Bäck created this lamp with a slender metal base with intersecting lines and an inclined arm that “leans” back onto the frame. The lamp also features a flexible shade that allows the user to direct the light to a reading area or to the room. Customers can choose between matte black or a white version with a textured lacquered finish. The design suits both private, residential spaces and public areas.

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Spar Floor Light

A lamp inspired by sailing boats.

Thanks to talented designers, finding modern floor lamps that have their own character and style is easier than even before. Take the Spar metal floor lamp, for example. Designed by Jamie McLellan for Resident, this lamp draws inspiration from the masts of old sailing boats. It features a red electrical cable that creates a dynamic play of clean lines with the metal frame. This elegantly minimalist floor lamp is also convenient; the user can adjust the shade in four different positions to direct the light. Think direct lighting or indirect, similarly to a torchiere lamp. Made of steel, the Spar floor lamp has a black finish and features a red cable that adds a pop of color to the design. Ideal for living rooms or offices.

Buy $1450

Naska Large

A design from 1933.

Originally introduced in 1933, Naska is a classic design that influenced a wide range of desk lamps over the following decades. This version is perfect to illuminate an area of a room, as it has a larger size and a base with practical casters for more mobility. Created by the FontanaArte Design Lab, Naska Large features an adjustable, spring-balanced swing arm and a non-dimmable light. The shade boasts a rotating on-off switch, while the chromed metal frame has a flexible design. Naska comes in black or white versions, both of them designed with a mobile base that makes moving this large floor lamp as easy as possible. Made in Italy.

Buy $900


An elegant lamp that blends artisanal and modern techniques.

Another stylish floor lamp from the FontanaArte collection, Parola dates back to 1980. Gae Aulenti and Piero Castiglioni designed the lamp with a minimalist silhouette: a slender frame and a rounded shade that opens to release the light. Made using a blend of traditional and modern techniques, Parola features three kinds of glass crafting techniques. Apart from blown glass, this lamp also boast natural glass and natural crystal elements. A chromed metal base supports the borosilicate glass frame, while a glossy, light bronze and amber-colored shade made of blown glass gives the lamp a warm light. These contemporary floor lamps for living room and bedroom areas come with a sliding switch to dim the light and a braided fabric cable.

Buy $1200

Gregg Mix&Match

Pebble-shaped, modern floor lamps.

Part of the Foscarini collection, the Gregg Mix&Match series was designed by Milan-based design studio Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. This larger floor lamp features the range’s signature design: an asymmetrical shade that draws inspiration from the shape of a water-polished pebble. Made of hand-blown, acid-etched glass, the shade softens the light to create a cozy atmosphere in a room. This minimalist floor lamp comes in two sizes and three colors that allow the user to mix-and-match lamps in a creative composition – a great way to create a focal point in a larger room.

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Tuareg Floor Lamp

A sculptural, tree floor lamp that looks like an artwork.

Designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Foscarini, Tuareg is one of the best floor lamps for those who love artistic designs. That’s because this tree floor lamp features a sculptural, three-dimensional composition of multiple light rods that remind of branches. A modern floor lamp that doubles as a modern work of art, Tuareg is also practical. It features adjustable arms that allow the user to direct the light with precision. The adjustable “branches” have separate switches, providing an easy way to save power if needed. Tuareg comes in orange, white, or black versions, all available with an included touch dimmer.

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Lens Oval Floor Lamp

A design that combines wood, metal, and glass.

The Lens Oval Floor Lamp has a simple design that combines three materials: glass, wood, and metal. Designed by MUT Design for LZF, the lamp boasts a simple oval shape and a round base. Crafted from a single opaque lens, the oval lamp features two concentric ellipse panels that each have their own function. While the first ellipse is made of wood veneer and acts as a diffuser, the second panel adds a decorative metallic accent and also acts as a handle. A dimming switch on the cord offers an easy solution to adjust the intensity of the light as needed. This minimalist floor lamp comes in several colors, with gray, ivory, blue, pink, or natural wood panels and with black, ivory, gold, or copper metal finishes.

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A special lamp that pays homage to a revolutionary architecture group.

Every lamp from our list is special, but GATCPAC also has an interesting story behind it. Architect and designer Josep Torres Clavé, a founding member of the avant-garde GATCPAC group of Catalan architects, created the lamp in 1931. The design would go on to become a signature for the group, as members would leave it as a gift to clients in newly completed buildings. Santa & Cole used the original sketches and plans to recreate the first version of the famous GATCPAC minimalistic floor lamp. Made with a polished aluminum base and frame, the lamp features an adjustable shape that allows the user to tilt it at different angles for a direct light or indirect light like a torchiere.

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Tripod HM8

A minimalist floor lamp designed in 1953.

Originally designed in 1953 by pioneers of Danish mid-century modern design Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen, Tripod HM8 has not been produced until now. While it’s almost 70-years-old, this tripod floor lamp looks distinctly contemporary. It features a clean, minimalist design that combines an industrial-style frame made of welded steel tubes with a rounded base and an asymmetrical aluminum shade. The base and shade feature a lacquered finish with a satin matte texture. Lacquered brass accents complete the design. These floor lamps come in three versatile colors: black, maroon, and moss.

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A playful series that puts the focus on flexibility.

The playful w132 lamp series was designed by Nendo for Swedish lighting brand Wästberg. Similarly to other Nendo designs, this minimalist floor lamp is simple, versatile, and playful, putting the focus on accessibility and flexibility. The w132 series features shades with top and bottom connections to allow the user to transform them into floor or pendant lights. The lamps also come with different shade shapes: cone, cylinder, and sphere. Made from spun steel, these contemporary floor lamps have a satin finish and come in black, white, and blue colors. They can be used on their own to brighten a lounge area, or in a set of two or three in large, open-plan spaces.

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Kartell Toobe Floor Light

A colorful design made in Italy.

Brighten up your home with a colorful, light floor lamp design. The Kartell Toobe Floor Light is a great choice. Designed by Ferruccio Laviani, this lamp is fun and modern. The series features PMMA extruded tubes completed with a vibrant color with a gradient finish achieved through an innovative technique. Whether turned on or switched off, the Toobe lamps look eye-catching and bright. A handle integrated in the lamp’s body makes it easy to move from one place to another or between different rooms. Customers can choose from bold colors like red, green, and orange, with a more subdued crystal version also available.

Buy $690

Last Floor Lamp

Inspired by spotlights.

Make your favorite reading space the highlight of your home with the Last Floor Lamp. Designed by Mattias Ståhlbom for Swedish brand Zero, this creative lamp draws inspiration from large industrial spotlights. The design combines a tripod base with a cylindrical shade with a mesh cover. Made of aluminum, this minimalist floor lamp features an adjustable shade for more convenience and a metallized reflector. While Last comes in black or white as standard, Zero also makes it in other colors on request, from bronze to terracotta.

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An organic floor lamp inspired by nature.

Another product from the Zero collection, Mist is elegant and creative at the same time. It was designed by Sofia Lagerkvist and Charlotte von der Lancken, co-founders of design studio Front. Reminiscent of a cloud, Mist has an organic shape and an almost ethereal presence. The slender frame supports the pillow-like shade made of opal acrylic and diffused glass. While the metal base and stem feature a white painted finish, the shade comes in white, yellow, or pink colors. Similarly to the Last floor lamp, Mist also comes in other colors – available on request.

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Press Floor Lamp

An imaginative twist on classic floor lamps.

The best floor lamps look memorable. Press is one of them. Designed by Nendo for Czech brand Lasvit, this is one of the most creative floor lamps you can buy as it offers a twist on classic designs. Press features an all-glass build with an ingenious design that makes it resemble crushed plastic thanks to a “pinched” area. This sculptural lamp is also beautifully crafted, as Lasvit uses Bohemian crystal glass with a subtle smoky finish to make each lamp. Made in two sizes, this floor lamp is a perfect choice to add a creative focal point in a room.

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Cho Light

A lamp designed with a Washi paper shade.

Created by Swedish designer Dimitri Bähler for Established & Sons, Cho Light draws inspiration from Japanese designs. More specifically, from traditional Washi paper lamps. Light and airy as well as playful, this minimalistic floor lamp features a tall and extra-thin carbon fiber rod that supports a spherical shade made of crumpled Washi paper. As the user touches the shade, the lamp moves from one side to another, bringing an extra dose of playfulness into modern living spaces. Crafted using cutting-edge manufacturing technical, Cho features a powder-coated steel base, a carbon fiber rod, a Washi paper shade, and a pyrex glass diffuser.

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Nodes Floor Lamp

Modern and glamorous.

A more sophisticated design, the Nodes Floor Lamp offers an easy way to infuse a room with more glamour. This Kelly by Kelly Wearstler design features a burnished brass base and body with a golden color and a smooth finish. A milky white shade softens the light and helps to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in a room, whether you want to use this minimalist floor lamp for reading or to brighten a specific area. Ideal for living rooms and home offices, the Nodes lamp also comes in a black version.

Buy $645

Fork Floor Lamp

A minimalistic lamp inspired by camping tents.

Made by Italian lifestyle brand Diesel Living, the Fork Floor Lamp is simple and stylish. It takes inspiration from camping tents and apparel design, offering a fun take on classic floor lamps. Fork features a steel base and rod that rotates to offer more control over the light position. Made from cotton and linen, the drum shade has a tubular shape. Turning the light on highlights the textures of the fabric in a similar way to a lamp in a camping tent. Available with an Anthracite or Ivory frame with a matching Ivory or Gray diffuser.

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Pull Floor Lamp

A Nordic-style, minimalist floor lamp.

Created by WhatsWhat for Muuto, the Pull Floor Lamp is a great example of playful Nordic design. Like its name suggests, Pull features a pull chain-style cord that allows the user to adjust the position of the shade by pulling the string. The design is also elegantly simple, which means that this floor lamp looks at home in virtually any interior. Pull is crafted to last with a solid wood build with a natural or gray finish. The included dimmer switch makes it easy to create the perfect mood in a room.

Buy $569


An eye-catching lamp inspired by the 1950s.

1950s Hollywood glamour and timeless Italian design come together in the Nabila floor lamp. Italian designer Corrado Dotti created this lamp for the TOOY collection. Featuring several shades on a metal base, this lamp brings a sculptural accent to a classic or a modern home decor. The double-sided spherical shades are crafted from durable borosilicate glass and come with either a transparent or a smoked finish. Brushed brass or black chrome accents complete the design. Ideal for living rooms and lounge areas, Nabila will make a style statement in any living space.

Buy $1156

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