A Modern Outdoor Playhouse

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The classic children’s playhouse gets a Scandinavian-style makeover.

Designed by UK-based architecture and design studio KOTO, this modern outdoor playhouse celebrates Nordic design principles, openness to nature, and quality play time. The design draws inspiration from the Scandinavian aesthetic and the elegant simplicity of wooden cabins. The playhouse’s name Ilo means “joy” in Finnish and refers to moments spent with family in the middle of nature. The structure has a geometric design, with an open side that exposes the interior to the landscape completely. However, the other three walls provide plenty of privacy to allow kids to enjoy their own world as they play.

The mono pitched volume features locally sourced larch wood and recycled, hard-wearing flooring. Narrow windows maintain the cozy, sheltered feel of the space intact while also providing access to views. The interior can easily house a storage unit for toys as well as cushions to make this modern outdoor playhouse even more welcoming. Handcrafted in the UK, Ilo offers the perfect blend of Scandinavian design, comfort, and fun. At the same time, the design provides the perfect opportunity for members of a family to spend some quality time together and to connect with nature. Photographs© Tracey Hosey.

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