The Naadam Café Cotton Cashmere Hoodie

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An ultra-soft hoodie made with an innovative material that blends cotton, recycled coffee grounds, and cashmere.

Founded in 2013 by college friends Matthew Scanlan and Diederik Rijsemus, Naadam is a New York City-based apparel company that puts sustainability and ethical manufacturing at the heart of its brand mission. The two founders traveled to the Gobi desert in Mongolia to source the best cashmere in the world. While there, they discovered that the standard way of trading with herders was simply not good enough. Instead, they decided to cut off any middlemen and deal directly with the local goat herders, paying them better while also ensuring that their apparel has more affordable prices. The company also values the welfare of the animals, promoting ethical living and care conditions, and works with anti-desertification programs and suppliers that follow ethical and environmental standards.

Apart from using ultra-soft, luscious cashmere, Naadam also uses a proprietary S.Café material which the team developed over the course of a few years. Made with a combination of quality cotton, recycled coffee grounds, and cashmere, the material has moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, and UV-protecting capabilities. This sustainable fabric is soft and breathable as well as fast-drying and resistant to piling to look great over time. The Naadam Café Cotton Cashmere Hoodie makes the most of this innovative material. Lightweight and soft, the hoodie has a classic fit and a crewneck design. A front pocket offers space for smaller items or just a way to warm up hands on colder days. The hoodie comes in two colors: a lighter Sage and darker Navy. Both options cost $150 in the brand’s online store. The Café Cotton collection also includes a sweatshirt and matching joggers. Photographs© Naadam.

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