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Introducing Neutrale

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A collection of sustainable, carbon neutral products made using organic and recycled materials.

Helping to keep the planet cleaner and healthier often starts with one step. Like opting for more sustainable products that don’t harm the environment or making more eco-conscious choices, every day. Madrid-based apparel brand Neutrale aims to make this journey both smoother and seamless. Passionate about sustainable design, the team behind Neutrale has a simple motto: “Less, but better.”

Following a path towards mindful consumption, the brand’s collection comprises everyday essentials that are not only sustainably made but also entirely carbon neutral. Focusing on innovation, the company uses the latest technologies to make durable and high-quality products that are timeless and kind to the environment. Furthermore, the designs draw inspiration from Mediterranean landscapes, featuring simple, versatile, unisex styles in natural colors that remind of the sea, sand, and the flowers that grow on Spain’s coasts.

A versatile collection of clothing, accessories, and practical items.

Featuring everyday essentials, the Neutrale range comprises everything from tees and sweatshirts to shoes to accessories. Customers can also select between different collections made with upcycled materials or GOTS-certified natural dyes. The brand’s collection also includes items like reusable bamboo cups for commuters, ceramic tableware and vessels, home candles and scents, magazines, stickers, and more. Limited-edition products are also available.

Sustainably made products that are also carbon neutral.

The Neutrale collection comes to life via sustainable manufacturing methods. And that begins with the yarns. The company uses only organic, natural, and recycled or upcycled materials to make each garment. As a result, all Neutrale products are carbon neutral. For example, by using organic cotton, the company reduces the water consumption in the production process by 91%. At the same time, this system ensures that no chemicals enter the manufacturing stage.

Apart from organic cotton, Neutrale also uses upcycled cotton which comes from textile waste. Other materials include post-consumer recycled materials and plastic from PET bottles. Furthermore, all of the dyes are natural and 100% biodegradable. Keeping production local to Spain and neighboring Portugal, Neutrale reduces its transportation impact while ensuring that the clothes come only from factories that hold eco certifications. Packaging is also made with the environment in mind: recycled paper and biodegradable shipping bags; both materials allow the user to easily recycle them. In the future, the company aims to produce in a completely circular economy without any waste. Photography© Neutrale.

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