The OB–4 Radio

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A sleek, portable radio designed with a hifi loudspeaker and a convenient memory function.

Designed and made by audio brand Teenage Engineering, OB–4 revolutionizes the classic radio with a sleek design and a range of cutting-edge features. The compact and portable radio packs a punch with a hifi loudspeaker that features two 4’’ bass drivers as well as a pair of neodymium tweeters. And the result? A small magic box that delivers a crystal clear sound with 38 watts per channel, or around 100 decibels. The four custom-designed speaker elements deliver a pure sound, while the flow-optimized bass reflex duct gives more depth to natural bass. OB-4 has both a line-in input and Bluetooth along with FM radio and disk features.

Furthermore, a practical memory function allows the user to listen to a song that has previously played on the radio. OB-4 memorizes what the user listens to, offering a convenient way to re-listen a song or catch up on a missed show – within a time range of up to two hours. The minimal interface not only makes the radio look fantastic, but also provides a user-friendly experience. Smooth and convenient, the digital-motion controlled volume knob along with the minimal buttons are intuitive and easy to use.

OB-4 supports both Bluetooth low energy and high-definition Bluetooth classic standards; it works with a handy Ortho remote that gives the user wireless volume control. Other features include a high-capacity battery, a fine-tuned spiral antenna, and a practical folding handle. The OB-4 radio comes in either matte black or glossy red. Available accessories include a Bill Amberg Studio leather bag, a mesh bag, and a leather strap. Photographs© Teenage Engineering.

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