A minimalist lounge chair inspired by rustic Finnish designs from the 19th century.

Every home should have a couple of lounge chairs that look timeless but provide ultimate seating comfort. The Kaski Chair also brings a touch of 19th century Finnish rustic charm to this mix of style and comfort. Originally designed by Helsinki-based Studio Joanna Laajisto for the flagship store of the Finnish textile house Nanso, Kaski is now available to buy from the Made by Choice collection. The choice to produce this distinctive chair came naturally, since Made by Choice has deep roots in traditional Finnish woodworking and makes authentic Nordic designs. The lounge chair references Finnish aesthetics from the countryside – both through its simple wood build and the woven linen seat. The name even references an old technique of clearing agricultural land.

“Everything was self-made in the 19th century countryside, from tools to tableware to furniture. Materials and handicraft skills were highly regarded”, says designer Joanna Laajisto. “The simpler the tool or object, the more important it was to rely on intricately finished joints and details. I wanted to carry along this same principle in the Kaski chair,” she adds. Made of ash wood, the lounge chair is minimalist but also bold and eye-catching. It features tubular legs that curve at the front and an angled backrest reminiscent of a simple wood plank. The woven linen seat reminds of old Finnish traditions of weaving birch bark by hand into seating and home accessories. A large pillow made of nubuck leather softens the clean lines of the chair and also strengthens its rustic character. The Made by Choice Kaski lounge chair comes in two sizes, wide and narrow. Photographs© Mikko Ryhänen.

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