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Oyster Island Retreat

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A private island retreat on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Traveling has changed over the past two years and this has also affected accommodations. Private retreats, tree houses, and tiny cabins nestled in nature provide a convenient solution to recent travel restrictions. The Oyster Island Retreat is a great example. Located just 30 minutes from Vancouver, this private 12-acre island is accessible only by plane or by boat. Designed to allow guests to “replenish in mind, body & spirit,” the retreat brings people closer to the pristine beauty of wild nature. The island features four buildings that can accommodate groups of 6-12 guests. All of them are built using sustainable practices and eco-friendly, renewable and locally-sourced materials; furthermore, the retreat uses solar energy and water sourced from natural wells.

The main cabin is a contemporary, two-story house with a slanted roof and large windows that offer access to spectacular views of the Malaspina Straight. This house contains three bedrooms: two of them have king-sized beds or twins while the third features three twin bunks. Open-plan and modern, the interior is as stylish as it is cozy. Guests have access to bathroom, a full kitchen with all essentials and to a large deck with lounge and dining areas. The cabin also features a modern wood-burning stove and a barbecue. Nearby, three smaller bunk cabins have comfortable beds, private outdoor decks, and access to ocean views. Landscaped pathways link the smaller cabins to the main house. Guests who stay in these cozy cottages also have access to a spa-inspired shower house with three private bathrooms.

The Oyster Island Retreat has its own private dock and a lawn for outdoor activities as well as a helicopter pad. Island activities include everything from swimming and kayaking to yoga, sailing, and hiking. If you want to book a stay, keep in mind that you need to request an invitation. The rates include travel arrangements, meals and a selection of local beer and wine as well as activity coordination, the services of resident island caretakers, and more. Photographs© Oyster Island Retreat.

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