An elegant collection of lighting inspired by the archetypal lamp silhouette.

Designed by Brendan Ravenhill, founder of Los Angeles-based design firm Ravenhill Studio, the Slide Family is a new collection of lights that re-imagine the simple geometry of a classic lamp in an elegant design. The line references the archetypal rod-and-cone silhouette of traditional lamps, but in a contemporary way. Minimalist and refined, the pendant lights and ceiling lights feature simple cone shades with clean lines and perfectly balanced proportions. The shades also have a seamless design with no superfluous details. This means that no hardware or finials overshadow the purity of the design. As a result, the lights resemble perfect equilateral triangles when admired from the side.

Similarly to other Ravenhill Studio lighting, the Slide Family combines quality materials and beautiful craftsmanship. Made from a linen fabric, the shades complement the golden color of the brushed and waxed brass arms and components. The lights come in two sizes, of 10’’ and 16’’, and with different drop lengths. Apart from classic pendant lights, the collection also comprises ceiling lights and 2-arm pendants. The studio created the collection during the pandemic, when restrictions challenged the team to find new ways to collaborate remotely. The elegant simplicity and harmony of the designs attest to their success. To celebrate the launch of the Slide Family of lighting, Ravenhill Studio photographed the products in warm and bright spaces in their new L.A. workspace. Turned sculptures by Dan John Anderson accompany the designs. Photography© Ravenhill Studio.

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