A high-performance electric scooter that is also minimalist and stylish.

Designed and made by Berlin-based company Naon, the Zero-One electric scooter provides an elegant and efficient transportation solution for city dwellers. The company uses innovative technology and quality materials to manufacture two-wheeled electric vehicles that improve urban mobility and have a low environmental impact. At the same time, Naon aims to create products that are high-performance and environmentally friendly without compromising aesthetics. Zero-One brings together all of these concepts in a stylish design. The minimalist electric scooter features functional components that double as refined details. For example, the sleek transparent windshield. While it offers a great view of the road, it also features a special coating that resists abrasion and UV radiation.

Zero-One comes with a custom aluminum frame that is elegant as well as extra-durable and low-maintenance. The scooter has a low center of gravity thanks to the positioning of the batteries under the footrest. This feature increases stability and precision, even while taking curves at high speeds. Furthermore, Zero-One features a high-performance suspension system for extra precision and riding comfort, along with a high-performance, dual disc ABS braking system, for extra safety. The in-wheel electric hub motor minimizes maintenance and delivers 7 kW of power and 200 Nm of torque. This means that this electric scooter can reach impressive speeds of 62 mph.

As for the removable batteries, they offer a range of around 87 miles. The user can charge them in place at charging stations or take them out to charge inside the home. Other features of this electric scooter include practical storage spaces and a custom app. Finally, Zero-One is also sustainably made as Naon uses high-quality, durable parts, ethical production methods, and recyclable materials where possible. Photography© Naon.

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