Sour Bicycles: Affordability, Personalization, and Enjoyment

Hailing from Dresden, Sour Bicycles is making a splash in the bike world by offering seven models and three forks of reasonably priced, high-quality steel bicycles. With a tailored powder coating process and numerous color choices, Sour Bicycles appeals to a diverse group of riders. The company combines traditional steel bike designs with contemporary technology to create enjoyable, accessible bikes. From frameset options under $1000 to complete bike builds, there is something for everyone. Sour Bicycles has established dealers throughout Germany for test rides and bike servicing and ships worldwide for customers outside Germany.

Bad Granny: A Fresh Interpretation of a Classic Mountain Bike Cruiser

The Bad Granny’s design showcases Sour Bicycles’ commitment to blending timeless aesthetics with modern practicality. By integrating vintage cruiser bike elements, up-to-date geometry, and adaptable features, the Bad Granny delivers a distinctive and pleasurable cycling experience. This seamless fusion of past and present makes the Bad Granny a popular choice for those seeking a bike that is both visually attractive and performance-oriented.

The Bad Granny’s eye-catching frame design, reminiscent of classic cruiser bikes, is one of its most notable features. This design not only sets the Bad Granny apart visually but also ensures a comfortable, leisurely riding experience. The additional frame tube adds to the bike’s nostalgic appearance, invoking memories of simpler days and easygoing rides.

Contemporary Geometry for Improved Performance

The Bad Granny’s suspension-corrected XC mountain bike frame is compatible with modern suspension forks, enabling riders to customize their setup based on preferences and riding conditions. This results in a bike that delivers both comfort and performance, appealing to a wide range of cyclists.

Material Selection: Chromoly Steel

Utilizing heat-treated, butted chromoly steel for the Bad Granny’s frame is a deliberate choice that offers durability, strength, and a comfortable ride. Known for its excellent fatigue resistance and shock absorption, chromoly steel is the perfect material for a bike designed to handle various terrains while maintaining a smooth riding experience.

Adaptability and Customization

A key feature of the Bad Granny’s design is its focus on adaptability and customization. The bike’s fork, boasting two sets of eyelets, light cable routing, and ample tire clearance, enables riders to tailor their setup to their specific requirements. Additionally, the Bad Granny is compatible with numerous modern upgrades, such as derailleur shifting, suspension forks, and dropper posts, ensuring the bike stays up-to-date with evolving cycling trends.

Color Choices and Finishes

Sour Bicycles‘ dedication to customization is also evident in the Bad Granny’s paintwork. Each bike is painted to order, offering various finishes, including the striking Chameleon Sapphire. This degree of personalization allows riders to showcase their individual style while appreciating the ageless design.

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