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Steeped Coffee

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A revolution is brewing.

Believing that making a good cup of coffee should be as easy as possible, California-based Steeped Coffee has developed a ground-breaking system that takes inspiration from tea brewing. It may come as a surprise, but transforming ground beans into an instant-style brew came with many challenges. Luckily for coffee lovers, company founder Josh Wilbur dedicated a few years of his life to find the best solution to those obstacles.

Launched on Kickstarter, the campaign to bring Steeped Coffee to the market ended with a resounding success. No wonder, considering that the concept checks all the right boxes. The full-immersion bags are the crucial component. After a lot of research and development, the brand partnered with a manufacturer to create a custom plant-based material. By restricting fine particles while allowing the oils and aromas flow freely, the bags make the perfect cup of joe. Sourced from all over the world under growing and buying practices that exceed the minimum Fair Trade requirements, the coffee beans go under a roasting process in the USA before they’re expertly ground and packaged in nitro packaging to ensure maximum freshness. Designed as single-serve, the coffee bags offer the perfect way to make a cup anywhere. At home, at the office, or even while out camping in the wilderness.

Apart from simplifying the brewing process, the company also makes sure that it’s eco-friendly. A welcome change from the coffee pod craze. Impressively, every single component and material is compostable; from the food-grade material and wrapping to the string and even the water-based ink. The boxes are not only made of recycled materials, but they’re also fully recyclable. And to top it all off, everything starting from the roasting stage to the manufacturing and quality control happens in the USA.

Steeped Coffee offers a variety of blends, including one that has caught our attention. The medium roast California Blend contains beans from Colombia, offering flavors that include chocolate and toasted coconut. Apart from its handy online ordering system, the brand also provides a practical subscription, so customers can receive their coffee through the mail on their chosen schedule. Read more about the company’s mission and browse through the selection of products here. And for those who are drooling at the sight of that gorgeous kettle – we get it, we’re all design lovers here – we have some great news. You can find it here, with worldwide shipping also available. Photographs© Steeped Coffee.