Elegant and minimalist, this collection blends Italian and Nordic design.

Designed by Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, the new Stelton Ora collection of bowls and accessories refines tabletop landscapes with a blend of Nordic-inspired style and Italian design. The line explores the concept of creating expressive objects that also have an understated aesthetic in order to remain “silent” in a living space. Minimalist and elegant, the collection features organic forms, curved shapes, and gentle lines. The exterior of the bowls and tabletop accessories boasts a soft shape, while the interior features a sharper chamfer design. A stainless steel rim adds a modern twist to the objects and also references Stelton’s design heritage.

While similar in form, the products from the Ora collection each have their own character. At the same time, they work especially well in a set of multiple items. Depending on material and finish, they can easily create a play of light and color. The bowls come in different sizes and color combinations. They also feature elegant matte exteriors and glossy surfaces on the interior. Likewise, the tealight holders come in different materials and hues. Options range from beech wood to polished stainless steel and smoked tinted glass; all of them complement the Ora bowls perfectly.

Furthermore, the tealight holders provide an easy way to use them as candle holders by turning them upside down. The collection also includes a black three-branch candle holder. Like all Stelton products, the Ora range is crafted to last and to become a part of your home for generations. With colors ranging from pale mint and dusty rose to midnight blue, it’s easy to create tabletop compositions reminiscent of Scandinavian and Italian landscapes. Photographs© Stelton, Debiasi Sandri.

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